Rocket.Chat: OG Talk: Making Hybrid Work Work

Rocket.Chat: OG Talk: Making Hybrid Work Work

Remote, on-site, or hybrid?

💲 A million-dollar question organizations across the world are trying to answer.

50% of employees say they don’t want to go back to the office full time. This shows us that there is no turning back now: the bird is literally out of the cage. 🐦

👉 So hybrid work IS here to stay. Now what?

As more companies switch to hybrid work, they face difficult logistic, strategic, communication, and managerial challenges.

Rocket.Chat has had remote and on-site employees since our foundation, in 2015. So bear with us when we say that we know a thing or two on how to make hybrid work, well, work.

Join the conversation between our CEO, Head of People, and IT to learn about:

How to cascade the company’s strategy, mission, and vision to the entire organization

How to facilitate collaboration in a hybrid work environment

How to align every employee with the organization’s culture and core values

How to deal with the increased security challenges, and better leverage the latest workplace technology

About the event:

📅 Wednesday | August 25th

⏲ 5 pm CEST | 11 am EST

📍 Online

⏺ Every registrant will get the webinar recording by email, so register even if you can't attend live.