Modifying Information In M-Files | The Smarter Way To Work

Modifying Information In M-Files | The Smarter Way To Work

Dec 2, 2022

This video explains how documents are edited in M-Files via first checking them out for editing and then, when you are done with your changes, checking them back in to the vault. It also explains the version history functionality of M-Files.

  1. Checking out a document is an M-Files function that prevents concurrent editing. A checked-out document can still be viewed and opened in read-only mode by other users.
  2. When you have edited and saved a document and are no longer using it, you should save the changes on the server by right-clicking the object and selecting Check In from the context menu.
  3. One of the many advantages of M-Files is the fact that the earlier versions of objects are retained. You can go back in the object history according to the times the object has been checked out and checked back in.

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