Getting Started with Bitrix24: Product Talk

Getting Started with Bitrix24: Product Talk

Sep 22, 2021

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We’ve been getting tons of questions from new users. In this episode of our Product Talk series, we went over everything you need to know to get started with Bitrix24. From price plans to communication tools and the CRM – you’ll find all the answers to the most popular questions here (along with product demos).

1:32 What is Bitrix24 anyway?

2:25 Is Bitrix24 a CRM or a project management?

3:18 Is Bitrix24 free? What's the price per user?

6:46 What makes Bitrix24 different from Asana/ Clickup/ Zoom/ Salesforce/ Slack?

8:24 How do I get started with Bitrix24?

14:16 Your interface is rather overwhelming - do you have a lite version?

16:41 Using Bitrix24 with remote teams / freelancers

23:32 Can I use Bitrix24 for project management?

30:15 Is your CRM any good?

38:10 If one of our old clients reaches out, will the system show our sales reps that we’ve been in touch before?

38:38 Can I record phone calls with clients?

38:57 How many sales reps can I add to the CRM?

39:16 Can I send automated messages to clients?

39:41 Do you have duplicate control when importing data?

39:55 Do you have a Quickbooks / Xero integration?

40:30 There’s another CRM I’m currently using and I don’t want to lose my data.

43:08 Can I use Bitrix24 on my smartphone?

45:32 I need something flexible.

47:38 I accidentally clicked on a button and something weird happened. Pls help.

49:21 I can’t be bothered to learn your product, I’ve got a business to tend to.

50:45 I still don’t quite get it. Where can I learn more about your product?

Bitrix24 is the perfect online workspace for your business. Everything you need for productive collaboration is here, including tasks, chats and videoconferencing, CRM, project management, and business process automation. Learn more about Bitrix24

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