2 Minute Demo | Employee Monitoring Software | We360.ai

2 Minute Demo | Employee Monitoring Software | We360.ai

Oct 22, 2021

We360.ai is an award winning employee monitoring software that help gain insights into your employees work environment. It gives you the ability to turn data from all corners of your workplace into meaningful information and actionable insights to help you improve the way people work.

Welcome! Let’s start a 2-minute demo of We360.ai and see how you can increase your employee’s productivity. As an employer, the dashboard is the most useful way to know how your team is working. Get an overview of employee attendance, productivity, snapshots, tasks and application usage from here. Productivity shows the Total Productivity percentage, Total Working Time, Total Idle Time, Total Productive Time. With intuitive graphs and informative tables, get productivity analytics segregated in the form of departments, users and even in custom date ranges. The screenshot feature lets you look at what your employees are working on during the day or during a custom date range which can be selected from the option on the top. The screenshot feature establishes transparency and increases credibility between employee and employer in the workplace. The Application will tell you what apps they are using and how much time is spent on those applications. Employers can get a fair idea of which Application is productive and which one is time-wasting. The URL view shows which websites they are visiting and for how long. If you really want to dig into the data on how your team works. Here, you can explore in more detail about daily and monthly attendance, graphical report, application usage, dynamic report, and so much more. In the settings tab, you can add, edit and In Active departments, breaks and leave types, manage users, create task priority and implement domain blocking to restrict employees from time-wasting websites. This software gives a complete overhaul to how businesses manage their employees who are working from the office or even from the office by providing perceptive analytics and making employee tracking easier than ever. Drop an email at contact@we360.ai or call on 01246882771 to know more.

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