Simpplr: The Modern Intranet 101: 5 pillars for success

Simpplr: The Modern Intranet 101: 5 pillars for success


In today’s workforce, organizations are under increasing pressure to enhance employee engagement and retention through improved employee experience. But a growing number of disparate tools, geographically dispersed employees, and fragmented workflows are common challenges that lead to broken workplace experiences. The reality is, the intranets of the past do not current workplace demands.

Simpplr changes that. Join us and learn how you can transform your digital workplace and deliver a seamless, cohesive, and personalized employee experience using a modern intranet platform.

In this live webinar, we will:

  • Outline the must-have intranet capabilities – based on 10 years’ worth of research
  • Show a live product demonstration of the most comprehensive intranet platform that unifies your digital workplace
  • Explore how clear, consolidated insights help identify what’s effective and what’s not

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