Simpplr: Introduction to the Modern Intranet

Simpplr: Introduction to the Modern Intranet


Meet Simpplr, the modern employee intranet

The way we work has changed. And our new reality has only exacerbated existing challenges in the workplace. Employees’ needs have evolved significantly, and the time is now to meet new demands.

Meet Simpplr, the modern intranet built to establish a virtual headquarters and create an engaged and connected workplace.

Join us for our webinar and learn how Simpplr can help:

  • Drive higher employee engagement and adoption with our award-winning UI
  • Increase employee productivity with no-code integrations and automation workflows
  • Align employees across the globe by establishing a single source of truth
  • Reduce operational costs while empowering business users to administer the intranet with no IT support

Join us and get all your questions answered live by our experts. We hope to see you there!