What's new in We360.ai's REPORTS | Employee Monitoring Software | We360.ai

What's new in We360.ai's REPORTS | Employee Monitoring Software | We360.ai

Sep 21, 2021

We360.ai is a cloud based employee monitoring software that helps you gain insights into your employees work environment. It gives you the ability to turn data from all corners of your workplace into meaningful information and actionable insights to help you improve the way people work.

With more than 4000 users worldwide, We360.ai's award-winning solution can be configured in minutes to provide immediate visibility into how users are engaging in your organization. We360.ai is the most powerful means to observe how digital enablement efforts are impacting your organization.We360.ai is a perfect tool for HRs and business leaders looking to scale up their business effortlessly.

We360.ai Reports explained. Thank you for choosing We360.ai. In this video, we will look at how to create different types of reports from We360.ai. Let’s dive right into it. In your admin portal, click on reports on the bottom left side. Here you will see several reports that you can use for your organization’s aid every day. Some of the most used reports are Monthly and Daily Attendance, Organization Application usage, Dynamic reports, Graphical reports. Let’s go through each of these reports in detail.
The first report in this section is the Monthly Attendance Report. Click on it to get a detailed overview of the total working hours of each employee along with present and absent count on individual days. At the top of the section, you will see a calendar option to specify a particular month for review. The drop-down option to the left of the calendar can bifurcate the report in the form of individual employees or the whole organization to give more flexibility. Click on the Download CSV button to download the report instantly. This is how our report looks like.
The next report is the organization application usage report. In this report, you can get time spent on different applications in the organization during various intervals. This report can help find the most valuable applications and the most time-wasting application used in the organization. Click on the Download CSV button to download the report. The report looks like this.
The next report is the most used one in We360.ai, which is Dynamic report. You can practically create more than 1000 types of reports here. Click on the different checkboxes on the page according to your preference and download the report by clicking on the export as CSV button at the bottom. These reports can be created for individual users as well as for the complete organization. The calendar button on the top right corner lets you select the date range of your choice to maximize the dynamicity of the report. Click on Download CSV. This is how our report looks like.

Another extensively used report is the graphical report in We360.ai. In this, you can view beautiful and intuitive graphs about your organization’s productivity, application usage, and presence. These graphs can be exported in the form of PDF as well as JPEG, which can have multiple use cases. These colorful and informative graphs can be used in making presentations to give a better understanding of the organization's trends.
These are among the many reports that can be created and used in We360.ai. If you have any more questions about reports in We360.ai, drop an email to support@we360.ai or raise a ticket from inside the admin portal to get support from our customer success team.
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