User Management Tutorial | Award Winning Employee Monitoring Software | We360

User Management Tutorial | Award Winning Employee Monitoring Software | We360

Oct 26, 2021 is a cloud based employee monitoring software that helps you gain insights into your employees work environment. It gives you the ability to turn data from all corners of your workplace into meaningful information and actionable insights to help you improve the way people work.

User Management explained. is an award-winning employee monitoring software that increases employee productivity and decreases time wasted on unwanted activities. Let's have a look at how to manage users and all settings related to user management inside the admin portal. lets you manage users at the micro-level as well as macro level. Let us see how you can manage your employees with When you log in to your admin portal, you will see settings at the screen's bottom-left. Click on it and locate user management on the main screen. As soon as you get inside, you will see the complete list of all employees using in your organization. Click on any of the employees to open a wide range of features that will come in handy in all situations. Entering into the page, you will see a brief summary of that employee's total working hours, productive hours, idle hours, and productivity percentage. The graph below shows day versus productivity percentage to get an idea of performance standards for that employee. Scrolling down, you can see daily logs, key presses, and keyboard clicks which give unbelievably detailed information about your employees' working trends. According to the filter selected from the top, click on the screenshot to see the employee's screen timeline during the day, week, or month. Click on Apps to discover all the applications used by that employee on their system. From here, you can figure out which application is highly used and which is used the least. In the App section, you can also see the URLs your employee is working on, adding more detailed insights into the employee's working pattern. Click on the Activity tab to know the tasks your employee is working on and pending tasks, along with progress and time spent on them. Activities also show the start and end date along with mouse clicks and key presses. Tasks show the breakdown of activities assigned by the manager, task status, priority, assigned date, and due date. The punch logs will show the punch-in time and punch-out time of the employee. A facet here is the small icon that is present before the punch-out time. It shows how the employee has punched out of the system. It can be done by the user, automatically by the system, when the user is ideal for too long and forced. You can see the punch-in, punch-out time, and working hours on individual dates in the attendance tab. The leave section gives an overview of all the leaves that the employee has already taken or which are pending for approval. The table also has the duration of leaves and status of leave. The profile section has a lot of functionality. You can change employee's basic information, login information, define roles like manager or employee, assign line managers and enable or disable screenshot capturing. There are also two desktop modes available, standard and mini. In standard mode, the employee can look at the tasks and activities assigned to them and the time spent on those tasks and keep track of productivity. The employees can also take leaves from the desktop app itself, write notes and look at the timesheet. In the mini version, the employee can only punch in and punch out to mark their attendance. This is how you can manage users in This software gives who are working from the office or even from the office by providing perceptive analytics and making employee tracking easier than ever. Drop an email at or
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