Swapnil's Interview at SHRM | Hyderabad | We360.ai

Swapnil's Interview at SHRM | Hyderabad | We360.ai

May 25, 2022

Interaction of Mr Swapnil Tripathi during the 8th Edition of SHRM TECH Conference & Expo 2022 SHRMTECH22 - India’s most innovative HR conference this May 19-20 at Hyderabad. SHRMTECH22 the largest HR conference gathering in India.

The two-day conference had had over 4300 attendees, more than 500+ corporate leaders. About 130+ speakers from around the world shared their insights during 52 sessions. Discussed innovations, evolving workplace practices, and technologies. The Theme for the conference was “Game on” in order to promote People & Product Innovation, Talent & Skills Accelerating and Building Digital Culture. The Conference witnessed the largest gathering of HR experts.

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