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Tasktop joins Planview!

Landmark moments do not happen overnight. Getting Tasktop to where we are today took 15 years of company-building on top of multiple years of research. With today’s news, our ability to deliver transformation outcomes will go through a step-function change nearly overnight. I am thrilled to announce that Tasktop has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Planview.

Tasktop Speakers at DOES Europe 2022

Attendees at the DevOps Enterprise Summit in Europe last week had the opportunity to hear from leaders at Tasktop as they delivered sessions around the shift from project to product. CEO, Dr. Mik Kersten, gave a Plenary session entitled “How Flow Follows Form” and Naomi Lurie, VP Product Marketing, along with Carmen DeArdo, author and Senior Director of VSM Research revealed early findings from Tasktop’s Project to Product Maturity Assessment.

3 Ways to Engage and Accelerate IT with OKRs and Value Stream Management

TIAA, a Fortune 100 financial services organization, manages investments for more than six million clients, totalling more than 1.3 trillion dollars. According to Darrell Fernandes, the Head of Product Technology, the company’s success boils down to its operational strength — an area which Darrell is continuously improving. In Episode 43 of the Mik + One Podcast, Dr.

The 7 Dimensions of a Project-to-Product Transformation

Our recently published Project to Product Maturity Assessment gives organizations a framework to assess the progress of this massive undertaking. By answering seven easy multiple-choice questions, they find out where they are in their journey and get recommendations on how to advance.

What's New in Tasktop Hub 22.2

Say hello to Tasktop’s latest product release from its Value Stream Management platform. Tasktop Hub 22.2 is out today, making end-to-end toolchain integration faster, easier, and visibly impactful. The highlight of this release is the addition to Hub’s Metrics screen which now calculates the cost savings from your integrations.

You say tomato, I say tomahto: The common language of value streams

At the root of the discipline of value stream management is a common language that brings business and technology leaders together. After all, the only way to deliver value to customers is to make sure everyone involved understands what value is and how it’s measured. Keeping teams on the same page requires everyone to understand what they’re reading.

How Bank of New Zealand Uses Flow Metrics and Insights to Drive Business Outcomes

Paul Littlefair, Technology Executive at Bank of New Zealand, shares how BNZ uses Tasktop and Flow Metrics to get definitive visibility into product delivery and drive improvements. Insights into flow help ensure the bank can achieve its outcomes and provide next-generation technology that supports the human element of banking.

Organizational design in the shift from project to product: Getting it right for platform teams

“The biggest organizations in the world are pivoting to a product-centric operating model,” opens Charles Betz, Principal Analyst at Forrester, on a recent webinar. But with product structures emerging as the primary operating model, new challenges are emerging in technical product management. While newly-formed product teams are persistent, heterogenous, outcome-oriented, and customer-focused, for the most part, they still haven’t solved the question of autonomy.

Symbiosis: The Flow Framework meets Team Topologies

In Episode 42 of the Mik + One Podcast, Dr. Mik Kertsen sat down with Manuel Pais, renowned IT consultant and co-author of Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology for Fast Flow, to discuss the relationship between Team Topologies and the Flow Framework®. They highlight three areas of symbiosis in the shift from project to product.