Simpplr: The ROI of Internal Communications

Simpplr: The ROI of Internal Communications


Employee Communications professionals everywhere struggle to show their impact. But the C-suite cares more about the results than they do the actual communications. Clear, effective ROI models have long evaded the Internal Comms function. However, with the right approach and an understanding of what matters to various stakeholders, showing ROI is easy.

Join internal communications thought leaders Jason Anthoine and Erica Goodwin from Audacity and Matt Aaronson from Simpplr, as they share simple, pragmatic and effective approaches to justifying the function’s ROI.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • A sound ROI model for internal communications professionals to better evangelize the impact of their function
  • Various ways to make a business case for and justify the ROI of internal communications
  • Multiple case study examples where companies effectively showed how their communications initiatives impacted the broader business