Simpplr: The rise of modern intranets in DEX

Simpplr: The rise of modern intranets in DEX


Traditional intranets are dead. Homegrown, custom intranets have given way to modern, personalized platforms that contribute to the digital workplace experience and orchestrate the delivery of relevant information to meet employees where they are. Modern intranets align departments across the business and are a powerful way to drive business outcomes when done properly.

As the demand for an integrated digital employee experience rises, now is the time to demand more from your intranet.

Join Simpplr’s Chief Product Officer, Bala Kasiviswanathan, and featured speaker Cheryl McKinnon, Forrester Research Principal Analyst, as they explore the rise and impact of modern intranets in DEX and how that’s transforming the way we work. They’ll discuss:

  • The evolving role of IT in modern intranets
  • How to prove the value of intranets to the C-suite
  • Forrester’s maturity model vs. Simpplr’s framework
  • Generative AI and the future of the digital workplace

Don’t miss this engaging discussion with live Q&A on how to innovate your modern intranet experience!