Simpplr: Modern Intranet 101: Live Simpplr Demo

Simpplr: Modern Intranet 101: Live Simpplr Demo


In today’s workforce, organizations are under pressure to enhance employee engagement and retention through improved employee experience. But a growing number of disparate tools, geographically dispersed employees, and fragmented workflows are common challenges that lead to a broken workplace experience. The reality is — intranets of the past no longer support the current demands.

Simpplr changes that. Learn how you can transform your digital workplace and deliver a seamless, cohesive, and personalized employee experience using a modern intranet platform.

This webinar and intranet demo will:

  • Outline the must-have intranet capabilities based on research from over 10 years
  • Show you a live product demonstration of the most comprehensive intranet platform that unifies your digital workplace
  • Share our employee experience framework that leads to higher adoption, employee engagement, and productivity
  • Explore how clear and consolidated insights help you identify what’s effective and what requires attention for continuous improvement

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