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June 2021


Have You Lost Sight of Your Agile Transformation?

In a time when business agility is legacy-defining, today serves as the perfect time for technology leaders to revise their Agile practice. For many organizations, the ability to absorb and adapt to the changes caused by the pandemic is a leading indicator of how Agile they really are. Despite heavy investment in the practice and enabling technologies, have you, like what Justin Watts experienced at Lloyds Banking Group, lost the thread of what Agile is really about?


Fighting Pandemic Fatigue by Safely Experimenting With Engineering Team Structures

In this fourth installment of our Tasty Dog Food Series, we continue to share stories of how we at Tasktop are using our own product, Tasktop Viz™, to boost our growth and happiness. Tasktop Viz is a value stream management solution that measures and optimizes the flow of business value in software delivery organizations.