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August 2020


How Prepared is your IT Organization to Support the Rise in eHealth?

From electronic medical records (EMR) to tools for diagnosis, treatment and management, global healthcare has been adopting digital technologies to improve day-to-day operations and patient care for many years. Unsurprisingly the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified digital demands on hospitals and other medical institutions as they adapt to remote patient care.

Driving Digital Transformation Insights with Value Stream Management

Many organizations have been on the road to AD&D transformation, making significant investments in CI/CD and release automation, yet they still have nagging issues such as siloed teams and lack of actionable data--and the new reality of working from home has made gaining the insights needed to master software at scale even more difficult. Value Stream Management (VSM) is helping enterprises to align and make better decisions, but there is still work to be done.

Catalyze your SAFe Transformation with Flow Metrics

Still struggling to accelerate time to market despite significant investment? Tired of proxy metrics like ceremonies, certifications and tooling not producing tangible business value? In this on-demand webinar, ICON Agility Enterprise Transformation Coach, Dan James, and Tasktop Senior Value Stream Architect, Lee Reid, present how to: Dan and Lee use data from an actual product value stream as a basis for an interactive exchange of interpreting Flow Metrics and coaching to address root causes as part of continuous improvement efforts.

Data-Driven Value Stream Management: The Truth Into What's Slowing You Down

With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating existing digital trends such as omnichannel experiences, tech-enabled selling and e-commerce, tech giants are getting even richer—Amazon reported a profit of $5.2 billion for the quarter, up 40% than same period last year. In response, proactive IT leaders at traditional enterprises are taking no more chances. Overwhelmed by a flurry of theories and hunches from across their organization, they’re desperate for the truth.


From The Outside Looking In: Tasktop Through The Eyes of The Customer for The Forrester Wave

The last few months have been eventful, to say the least. You only have to ask my Alexa… Until recently, when Alexa heard “Nicole”, she would reply “I’m exhausted. I can’t wait for this research to be published, but the bathroom will be amazing.” Turns out my kids created a custom Alexa routine to say that when prompted with “Nicole” because apparently, I kept saying it so often they decided to make a joke of i!