Universal Conversation Channels

Universal Conversation Channels

Oct 22, 2021

Universal Conversation Channels
Connect people from popular messaging platforms in a single conversation channel.
It’s about the conversation, not the platform.

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Connect message platforms with a Rake Universal Channel
You need to collaborate with two freelancers and your manager as you work through a project. The freelancers don't use Slack and your boss doesn't want to add a new app to her phone. Use Universal Channels from Rake.
Creating a Universal Channel in your Rake workspace is simple and requires no coding.
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Simplify your messaging with Universal Channels from Rake
You need to message each other as you work through a new project. Use Universal Channels from Rake. Creating a Universal Channel in your Rake workspace is simple and requires no coding.

Your Boss uses SMS

You and your team use Rake

Your customer uses WhatsApp

How it works
Create Channel
Create a private channel with universal access

Connect The Platform
Connect the platforms you want to include as options in your new Universal Channel

Invite Users
Invite colleagues, customers, family, friends or anyone to join your new Universal Channel, without ever downloading Rake!

Why universal channels?
At first glance, universal channels seem similar to guest functionality found in many messaging platforms. Upon further review, you'll agree Rake's Universal Channels are a stand-out feature in the Rake universal messaging platform. Slack guests (and Rake guests - not yet released) are required to use the messaging platform the host is using. The guest is limited to their specific channel and can usually participate in the channel without much friction. However, a Universal Channel from Rake allows users (guests) to fully participate in the channel while using their preferred messaging platform. This means the guest will likely never see or use the Rake app and will never be exposed to your Rake workspace. We built this to help you host better conversations with more participation and less complaints about not liking Slack or not knowing how to use Monday.com.

Message platforms
Universal Channels launched with connections to SMS, Facebook Messenger and of course Rake. We then connected with WhatsApp and will continue to add more platforms. This is what a next generation universal messaging platform looks like. The conversation is the primary, the platform is a secondary. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp can be connected to your Universal Channel and this will help millions of freelancers and virtual assistants to easily connect with teams and businesses in North America with no messaging fees. SMS is a great Universal Channel addition for convenience and familiarity. When you want to improve client communication and keep your customers engaged, using SMS in a Rake Universal Channel is the best option available in universal messaging.

Why upgrade to Universal Channels?
Today, you and your team may be hosting or managing many separate conversations because different people you work with prefer a specific message platform or more likely will not learn how to use a new message platform. We believe it is a waste of your time to fight them. By using a Rake Universal Channel you can bring all of these people into the same conversation without asking them to change. If Bill wants to use SMS and Tamara wants to use Facebook Messenger and your team is using Rake, they can all work together and collaborate like the team you want them to be.

Maintain search and organization
Rake is important for Universal Channels because the architecture of the channel remains in use by the channel host (person or organization). This means the host(s) can infinitely search the conversation and add more users and remove users as they wish. The channel remains an excellent home for related files and documents. In addition the channel must have a place for integration updates and details about the platforms being used to participate in the channel. All of this happens in the Rake workspace. Universal messaging is the future of work and part of the next generation in messaging Rake is building.

Move to a universal messaging platform today. Move to Rake.