Top 10 HR Tools in Bitrix24: Product Talk

Top 10 HR Tools in Bitrix24: Product Talk

Dec 20, 2021

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We’ve received lots of different questions from you guys since we started this series and a lot of them had to do with managing teams and companies. In this episode of Product Talk, we covered the 10 most essential HR tools in Bitrix24, including KPI, work schedules, reports, workflow automation, and lots more!

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00:00 Intro

1:35 What is Bitrix24? Types of tools

3:27 #1. Online time clock

7:37 #2. Work reports

10:52 #3. KPI (efficiency)

13:53 #4. Absence chart

15:33 #5. Work schedules

19:30 #6. Employee directory

23:38 #7. Workflow automation

26:46 #8. Calendar

30:06 #9. Online workspace

35:02 #10. Knowledge base

37:28 How to get started with Bitrix24

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