Next Generation Universal Messaging Platform

Next Generation Universal Messaging Platform

Oct 22, 2021

Next Generation
Universal Messaging Platform
Rake provides team messaging and omnichannel customer chat with website chat widgets, SMS, and social media integrations.

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Rake combines team messaging and omnichannel customer chat, in one workspace.
Improved functionality

Quoted messages
Want to reply to a message posted a few hours ago? Worried the members of your channel won't understand the context of your reply? Worry no longer. Rake now includes Quotes Messages. Click 'Quote' and begin typing.

New at Rake
Universal Channels now live
Each user sends/receives messages using their preferred platform and remains on that platform and sees all of the messages from others who are using their preferred platform. Learn more

Move to Rake
What is a messaging platform?
Rake is the answer. The Rake messaging platform is used by organizations around the world. Some use Rake exclusively for team collaboration, some use Rake for omnichannel customer chat and many use Rake for both. Learn more

Team messaging
Channel conversations in Rake are faster than email and more organized. Each channel is focused on a topic so you know where to go to find anything you need about that project or customer. Team collaboration is even better in Rake because we include private direct message functionality along side channel conversations. Want to add non-team people to your channel conversations? Have a look at our Universal Channels.

Omnichannel customer chat
At its core, any omnichannel strategy is about establishing a consistent customer experience, across multiple platforms, enabling convenience, and seizing opportunity.
Rake connects your organization with the most popular messaging platforms. This enables you to be where your customers are and to be available when they are ready to engage.

Universal Channels
Rake's universality allows users to create private conversation channels and invite guests to send and receive messages while using their favorite messaging platform. This is the next generation in channel guests and it's built on the premise that the conversation is more important than the platform.

Platform integrations
Rake is universal messaging and integrates with messaging platforms and work platforms. The Rake public and custom integrations allow for a broad omnichannel customer chat solution and a one of it's kind universal conversation channel experience. Consider the benefits of engaging with visitors on your website, or making it easier for customers and prospects to communicate with your organization, and you'll agree, connected companies and winning companies.
Twilio | WordPress | Messenger | Zapier | NICE InContact

Team Work
Web Visitor
Website visitor monitoring
When you or your team are chatting with someone using your website, you'll know the details needed to begin a great conversation. The sales team can simulate the same moment someone walks into a business with a friendly and an offer to help answer any questions. Know if the visitor is using a mobile or desktop device and craft just the right message. Both programmed and live message options are included.

Task management
Rake comes with a built-in online task management system organically connected to external (chat) conversations and internal conversations.
If a conversation can’t be resolved in one touch, or requires follow-up for any reason, create a task.