Mik + One: Paul Littlefair & BMK Lakshminarayanan (Episode 41)

Mik + One: Paul Littlefair & BMK Lakshminarayanan (Episode 41)

Feb 3, 2022

To kick off the first episode of 2022, Mik is joined by two guests from Bank of New Zealand: Paul Littlefair, Chief Technology Officer, and BMK Lakshminarayanan, Value Stream Architect.

In this episode, Mik, Paul and BMK delve into how Bank of New Zealand has been applying the shift from Project to Product and Flow Metrics, and other key topics including:

  • Insight into how Bank of New Zealand’s transformation journey started, and the goals they first set out to achieve
  • The importance of investing in continuous improvement, and rewarding for improvement and not just output
  • Getting leadership buy-in, and why reporting the developer experience at the board level is crucial to enabling flow and visibility
  • Introducing education around flow at all levels to create continuous learning across the organization, and insight into how Bank of New Zealand has executed this
  • How tenacity, pivoting and starting today has brought a large enterprise organization like Bank of New Zealand on a great trajectory to getting things deployed, and how they’ve adapted their learnings at scale

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