Mik + One: Dean Leffingwell (Episode 40)

Mik + One: Dean Leffingwell (Episode 40)

Dec 8, 2021

We’re delighted to welcome back Dean Leffingwell, Co-founder and Chief Methodologist at Scaled Agile. Dean is an entrepreneur and software development methodologist best known for creating SAFe®, the most widely used framework for business Agility.

In this episode, Mik and Dean focus on practices and behaviors of high-performing teams, digging into their own experiences on what makes teams thrive. Additional topics include:

  • Dean’s learnings on what he has seen with large transformations using SAFe
  • Insight into how and why the Flow Metrics were incorporated into SAFe 5.1
  • The importance of predictability in the enterprise
  • The evolution of the Scrum Master role
  • Measuring the system and outcomes, the different levels of team metrics, and who owns the Flow competency, outcomes and improvements of those metrics
  • What makes a high performing team in 2021 and what Dean’s predictions on how this may look in 2025

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