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Remote Work Slowing Down Projects? Here's How to Get Developer Collaboration Back on Track

As we head into a new year, technical organizations are more likely than ever to have distributed workforces. While over half of the developers we surveyed for our Guide to Developer Productivity said remote work has helped them be more productive, they still stated that team distribution is a significant blocker to developer collaboration.

Introducing "Unblocking Workflows: The Guide to Developer Productivity in 2022"

As we head into a new year, software organizations are making plans, setting team goals, and revisiting their roadmaps for 2022. But for many teams, the tools, processes, and practices they rely on to collaborate continually fall short — and in some cases, are blocking them from shipping high quality code as quickly as they need to.

The Open Source Story Behind Mattermost Boards

Mattermost Boards started as an innovation project that came up during a hackathon we held in late 2020. At Mattermost, we’re focused on helping the world build better software by aligning teams, tools, and processes. We work like most other software development teams do, with stuff all over the place — in chat, emails, Google Docs, and systems like Jira and GitHub.

Mattermost v6.0 is Now Available

Mattermost v6.0 is generally available today, launching a redesigned integrated platform. This release includes new platform navigation, plus new features and improvements to Channels, Playbooks, and Boards. A new Mattermost Desktop v5.0 application is released, and multiple features have been promoted to generally available.

Introducing Mattermost 6.0: A New Approach to Developer Collaboration

Today, too many software organizations are in crisis. They face soaring expectations on delivering digital solutions, a complex and fast-changing array of new technologies and new threats to understand, and a limited pool of experienced developers, SRE, and SecOps professionals ready to execute in modern environments. What’s worse, technical talent is too often misconfigured.

DevSecOps: Collaborate Confidently with Open Source Tools

There is a Cambrian explosion currently underway in the collaboration tools space. The exponential rise in remote working as a result of naturally evolving workplaces and aided by the recent pandemic has created an opportunity for lots of different collaboration tools to take center stage. As our collaboration tools improve, work that would have been nearly impossible to do remotely is becoming more and more common.