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Enterprise Service Management (How To Leverage Software)

Enterprise service management is all about applying the power of technology across every corner of an organization to improve performance and optimize for efficiency. With more cloud-based solutions on the market than ever before, there has never been a better time to start investing in enterprise service management solutions for your organization. Leveraging enterprise service management software is critical to ensuring your operation is firing on all cylinders. If you want to see your organization become more effective at quickly meeting the needs of customers, ESM software is going to play a pivotal role in making this possible. It has the potential to unite your workforce and get everyone on the same page.


Project Management Software for Real Estate (Guide)

Project management software for real estate can help to centralize your workflow and keep all stakeholders on the same page. Real estate managers should be leveraging solutions that can support workflow management and operations. With the power of workflow automation, it has never been easier to streamline key processes as you embark on construction projects. We all know that the complexities of construction projects can often be overwhelming.


Consulting Project Management Software (Guide)

Consulting project management software can transform your consultancy business. If you’re serious about scaling a consulting service that successfully meets the needs of clients, you should be actively leveraging consulting project management software like StartingPoint. Workflow automation has the potential to dramatically improve client experiences. To ensure client satisfaction and retention, you should be actively investing in tools and solutions that improve client experiences.


Software Asset Management - How 7 Best Practices Helps Your Business

According to a recent study, the software asset management market is growing to 2.32 billion by the end of year 2022, as the asset management becomes highly dependent on each other. It also needs a set of rigid processes for their governance and the demands for a well-crafted SAM (Software Asset Management) program act as a core functional area of IT asset management that minimizes IT costs, manual overhead costs and optimizes the usage of software assets within your organization.


Business Process Automation (Unlocking Productivity)

Business process automation could be a game-changer for the efficiency of your organization’s workflow. A recent report found that 43% of organizations say that they plan to reduce their workforce due to technology integration. More than 80% of organizational leaders report that they are speeding up work process automation and expanding their use of remote work.


Technical Account Management Software (Guide)

Are you leveraging technical account management software to fast-track technical support requests and increase customer satisfaction? To retain customers, your team must focus on providing technical support and guidance to ensure customer success. Increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits by between 25% and 95%.

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Customer Service Management (Picking The Right Software)

Customer service management can make or break the growth of your organization. If you're failing to deliver incredible customer experiences that prioritize clear communication, your organization is vulnerable to low customer retention rates. According to Gartner, more than two-thirds of businesses are now competing primarily on the basis of customer experience. This is up from only 36% in 2010. Customer experience is critical to your organization's future success. If you're delivering exceptional customer experiences that result in high levels of customer satisfaction, this will naturally drive up your customer retention rate. You can only deliver incredible experiences with the right customer service management tools in place.


Customer Service Management (Leveraging Software)

Have you considered leveraging cloud-based software solutions to improve your customer service management? Workflow automation software can elevate customer experiences by improving response times. If you’re looking for a way to streamline communication between all parties, you need a centralized hub for project implementation and delivery. 58% of American consumers are prepared to switch companies because of poor customer service.


Workflow Process Automation (System Management Software)

Workflow process automation is critical to the efficiency of any business operation in 2021. If you’re not leveraging the power of workflow process automation to streamline your productivity and enhance customer experiences, you should start to explore system management software. These software solutions have the potential to transform your customer experiences. When you have efficiency at the core of business operations, this ultimately leads to faster customer support.