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New USTelephony24 App - From Bitrix24 Gold Partner Kala Group Technologies LLC

Meet new US Telephony24 app from our Gold partner Kala Group Technologies LLC. US Telephony24 is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony solution built specifically for use within the Bitrix24 CRM. This solution provides a comprehensive Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with auto attendant and SMS capability, local presence, Smart Caller ID, a Robo dialer and a Predictive dialer.

First Steps in Bitrix24

Welcome to Bitrix24! In this video, you will learn a few basic things about the product, how it works, and what amazing things you can do with Bitrix24. Bitrix24 is an online collaboration and sales platform with over a dozen built-in tools, including CRM, Project Management, Website Builder, Telephony, Chats, Videocalls, and more. Getting started is always the most difficult part, but not with Bitrix24.

What is Brainstorming? Brainstorming Techniques and Guidelines.

Brainstorming is the process of generating different ideas on a specific topic. This is usually done by voicing or writing down anything that’s related to the subject in question. Brainstorming is an integral part of any new project or task and can make or break its success. In this video, we go over brainstorming types, rules, and techniques to help up your brainstorming game. Check out more useful info.

Top 5 Absolutely Essential Remote Work Tools

In this video, we’re gonna talk all about remote tools that can boost your productivity, increase your work efficiency, and generally make your life much easier. Bitrix24 is a perfect online workspace for your business. Everything you need for productive remote work is here - from tasks, chats, and videoconferencing to CRM, agile project management, and business process automation. #Bitrix24 #remotework #remote