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Bring meetings to life with Miro and Teams

If you’re an organization adopting a tech suite to create a secure, reliable, and integrated experience for your teams, a natural choice might be Microsoft technologies. Microsoft Teams has been enabling over 250 million monthly active users to seamlessly bring work right into the chat and video experience and connect teams securely, whether they’re in the office or at home.


Benefits of Integrating Microsoft Teams with your ngDesk account

Microsoft Team is considered the hub for teamwork. It aims to make collaboration easy in a particular organization by creating a shared workspace. In that shared workspace, one can chat, meet, share files, and access business applications. Thus, to enable maximum efficiency of these digital workspaces, it is of absolute importance that IT and service desk teams are always nearby when issues arise. Excellent team space is the key to make creative decisions and communicate with one another.

Meet the new Confluence Cloud for Microsoft Teams app

The new Microsoft Teams and Confluence Cloud integration lets conversation flow in Teams while leveraging the collaborative editor and flexible organization of Confluence. Unlock a more open, cohesive flow of information within your team with less time spent flipping between windows and searching for your notes.

Slack vs Microsoft Teams: Which Tool is Ahead of the Game?

With the onset of the pandemic and shift in the workplace behaviours, there was a sudden need to facilitate collaboration and digitization to enhance productivity and maintain consistency between team members across locations and time zones. Satya Nadella and Bill Gate wanted to bid 8 billion USD to acquire Slack, the team chat SaaS company. Their meeting had an extraordinary solution, that was instead of buying Slack, they decided to create their own app.


Manage Teamwork right within Microsoft Office with our new Office Add-In

Identifying and fixing siloed processes is more important now than ever before. This includes ensuring that all of your digital tools are constantly interacting and keeping abreast of each other. The new version of the MS Office Add-In does just that, enabling your Microsoft Office tools in Windows to harmonize with Teamwork.


Microsoft Teams and Slack integration using Matrix

Element Matrix Services lets you pick up the Slack between Teams... Element Matrix Services now offers fully managed bridges for both Microsoft Teams and Slack, so Element (or any other Matrix-based app) can integrate with either service. Connect Element to both, and you can integrate Slack and Microsoft Teams via Matrix.

troop messenger

How Troop Messenger works invariably different from Microsoft Teams?

If you’re using Troop Messenger just for the basic collaboration services, then I would say you’ve just explored a small portion of its facilities and features. Troop Messenger works fast and better and is the perfect choice for building stronger teams when compared to its counterpart Microsoft Teams. It stands unique in its way with the new-gen chat capabilities, modern calling, and conferencing solutions, and workable features that boost productivity at work.


Provide instant support for employees using Virtual Agent within Microsoft Teams

Employees in an organization expect instant support and turnaround to their issues when they contact the internal helpdesk. To facilitate this, companies invest a significant amount of time and money to build and implement self-service portals. But this makes little or no impact on the self-service adoption numbers. This is because self-service portals are still external to employees. It’s difficult for employees to remember the tool or the access URL to reach out for help.