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Education Project Management Software (Guide)

Education project management software can transform learning experiences. Before the use of software, educational teams collaborated in meetings rooms and teacher lounges, and student reports were sent home to parents in crisp brown envelopes. Those days are gone. Times are changing and educators now have a wide range of digital collaboration tools to choose from.


10 most useful templates for education

Thomas Edison once said, “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets planning.” Opportunity + planning? 💡 Now there’s an idea we can get behind! With Miro’s infinite canvas, you have the opportunity to create amazing things for and with students. All it takes is a little planning and prep to clarify learning objectives and build lessons, assignments, and projects your students will be invested in.


Universal universities

The original open web was born out of academia. It was designed so that scientists at universities and research institutes around the world could share knowledge between each other in a consistent way using an open standard. Today, the digital landscape has changed. It is largely dominated by centralised commercially-driven tech giants. They have changed the nature of the open web by developing their own proprietary systems, retaining power and data.


Concept mapping in education: Tips for teachers

An educator has one primary goal: to help their students comprehend the concepts that are taught. It’s a tough job, particularly when students have different learning styles and levels of understanding. That’s where concept maps come in handy. These visual learning tools show the relationships between different ideas so that students can work through them and better grasp how they’re connected.


This Professor Uses Trello & Dropbox For Remote Learning And Collaboration

The responsibilities of a university professor extend far beyond the lecture hall and even further beyond office hours. Professors collaborate with graduate students, teaching assistants, and other faculty members on planning curriculum, leading research projects, and even writing books. The many moving parts often lead to a gigantic paper trail of coursework, term papers, and emails.


Tips for teachers: using an online whiteboard for remote classes

In March 2020, I had to transition four business classes with over 150 students to a fully online experience, due to COVID-19. Since the class simulates a business environment, I knew I could interact with my students the same way I interact with remote corporate teams, through clear and timely communication. In this post, I’ll go over what worked for me, and give some tips for how you can set your own classes up for success in a remote environment.


Three tips to ensure successful adoption of Asana

A year ago, the leadership team at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, a graduate school and seminary in the heart of Seattle, decided to implement Asana for our administrative teams. One of our strategic goals that year was to build effective systems and structures to support dynamic collaboration. We had been through some significant transitions and were preparing for growth in the pivotal areas of digital products and online programs.


Educate From Anywhere: How To Use Trello As A Teacher

And what better time to start than now, while educators can get a year of Trello Business class for free? If you’re intimidated by new technology, you don’t have to be scared of Trello. It’s a powerful yet simple tool to use. Think of it like a digital whiteboard with supercharged sticky notes that you can access from your computer or phone at any time. Looking for ideas on how to get started? Here are a few ways teachers are using Trello.