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Apr 13, 2022   |  By Rake
Knowledge Base Software helps organize a company's collective internal knowledge and information for sharing both internally with colleagues and coworkers, and externally with customers and prospects. A well organized Knowledge Base will make for both happy support agents and happy customers, because nobody enjoys wasting time looking for answers. This blog is about how we cleaned up and organized our Rake Knowledge Base Software, adding structure and a readability to our articles, and how that simple (one week) project reduced agent chat durations for the following 12 months by almost half.
Mar 10, 2022   |  By Rake
This post includes a guide about how to embrace omnichannel customer chat and deliver a superior customer experience. We begin with a basic explanation and first steps to take when implementing an omnichannel customer chat experience. Screenshots and illustrations are included with videos and reports. This post will be periodically updated and when first published included 10 steps to take to become an omnichannel customer chat expert.
Feb 8, 2022   |  By Rake
For more than two years Rake has been providing technology to digital marketing agencies. We have learned so much about what digital marketing agencies do in their day to day and we were able to identify a tremendous opportunity to help these agencies improve their client communication. We built Universal Channels to help businesses and sales people and support people keep their clients engaged throughout conversations and asynchronous communication. Before we provide a deep explanation of how marketing agencies use Universal Channels, let's get you up to speed on Rake.
Jan 11, 2022   |  By Rake
A team messaging app is any application that allows multiple people (a team of 2 or more) to send and receive messages to and from each other as a form of effective communication. Think of this as team chat. Using this definition there are hundreds of apps that qualify as a team messaging app. SMS, email, GroupMe and Rake all answer the call for a messaging app but most people are looking for more when they think about team chat apps. While they may not know it, they are likely looking for some type of team collaboration platform that includes team chat as a headliner among the applications in the platform.
Dec 2, 2021   |  By Rake
As the world moves away from email and adopts messaging streams the desire for improved unified communications is growing. Email is great for unified messaging because someone using Gmail can seamlessly communicate with someone using Hotmail.
Nov 16, 2021   |  By Rake
We had the opportunity to visit with the team at W5 Golf and discuss how they recently altered their use of the Rake NICE CXOne interface. Rake is an excellent chat alternative when using NICE CXOne or as they commonly refer to it inContact. Here's what the W5 Golf team shared with us.
Nov 15, 2021   |  By Rake
There are three critical parties when it comes to real estate sales. The seller, the buyer and the agent or agents are all critical. When it comes to communication in real estate, the agent generally guides the communication and is the face of the communication. Lots of people know every successful real estate agent has a great team behind them but what they don't consider is how often the agent forwards messages and copy/paste messages, sending everything to his/her team.
Nov 7, 2021   |  By Rake
The Rake omnichannel network of connections includes Facebook but it is important to define the connection options. Rake connects to Facebook pages. You can learn more about Facebook pages HERE. Generally, a Facebook Page is connected to Facebook Messenger but a page admin can opt to not allow messaging. If this is the case, the Rake connection can be negatively impacted. You can learn more about Facebook Messenger with Pages by reading this blog post.
Nov 7, 2021   |  By Rake
On September 20th, 2021 Rake will launch our first version of Universal Channels. What is a universal channel? And why is Rake adding this feature to our next generation universal messaging platform? A universal channel is a conversation channel available to an unlimited number of people, who have been invited to join, by the channel owner or administrator. The channel is typical in that it hosts two way communication between all members of the channel.
Nov 7, 2021   |  By Rake
If you have used Slack, experienced Slacktigue or found yourself waking from a nightmare with a notification tone you know there are plenty of reasons to replace Slack. Read on to learn about how companies have replaced Slack with Rake and how others have suffered unexpected disasters related to limited workspace search history. This post will occasionally be updated with new information about using Rake as the best Slack alternative.
Nov 5, 2021   |  By Rake
Because Rake was built to support universal messaging, there are many different reasons a workspace would be connected to multiple SMS numbers, WhatsApp numbers, Facebook pages, etc.
Nov 5, 2021   |  By Rake
Rake helps you connect with people through your Facebook Business page. In the platform integrations area of your Rake workspace, you can connect your Facebook Business page. Before you begin to connect, make sure you are logged into your Facebook Business page. Follow a few simple steps and your Facebook Business page messages will begin to route to your Rake external channel.
Oct 22, 2021   |  By Rake
Next Generation Universal Messaging Platform Rake provides team messaging and omnichannel customer chat with website chat widgets, SMS, and social media integrations. Free 60-day trial Rake combines team messaging and omnichannel customer chat, in one workspace. Improved functionality Quoted messages Want to reply to a message posted a few hours ago? Worried the members of your channel won't understand the context of your reply? Worry no longer. Rake now includes Quotes Messages. Click 'Quote' and begin typing.
Oct 22, 2021   |  By Rake
Universal Conversation Channels Connect people from popular messaging platforms in a single conversation channel. It’s about the conversation, not the platform. Free 60-Day Trial Connect message platforms with a Rake Universal Channel You need to collaborate with two freelancers and your manager as you work through a project. The freelancers don't use Slack and your boss doesn't want to add a new app to her phone. Use Universal Channels from Rake. Creating a Universal Channel in your Rake workspace is simple and requires no coding. Watch this video to learn more.
Oct 12, 2021   |  By Rake
This video shows how to create a Universal Channel with the Rake universal messaging platform. Included in this video is how to connect the channel to a newly provisioned Twilio SMS number and how to connect the channel to a Facebook business page. Also included are the steps to invite people to join the Universal Conversation Channel.
Oct 1, 2021   |  By Rake
The Admin Console has many tools available. This time, we cover how to route chats from one workspace to a channel in a separate workspace.
Sep 28, 2021   |  By Rake
Send an automated message through the chat widget. Send under 2 parameters. Send when the visitor is chatting outside of business hours and send when no agents are set to available.
Sep 28, 2021   |  By Rake
This is an overview of proactive messages. These messages are displayed over the chat widget on your website. Configure these messages to trigger under different events. This will allow you to target and send messages to desired visitors.
Sep 28, 2021   |  By Rake
Here are some proactive messages to get you started. This will also get you an idea of how these work and how you can be creative in assembling your own.

Rake provides team messaging and omnichannel customer chat with website chat widgets, SMS, and social media integrations.

Today, we see too many organizations using multiple messaging vendors to help them improve their business. The next generation in messaging, led by Rake, delivers a universal solution. In one workspace, the business can access team collaboration conversation channels, direct messages and more. This is commonly referred to as the Slack experience. In the same Rake workspace, the business can access omnichannel customer chat. This is the experience millions of people use every hour to communicate with businesses, at times coming from website visitor chat widgets and at times coming from social media pages hosted by Facebook and Instagram, to name just two.

Rake benefits:

  • Team messaging: Channel conversations in Rake are faster than email and more organized. Each channel is focused on a topic so you know where to go to find anything you need about that project or customer. Team collaboration is even better in Rake because we include private direct message functionality along side channel conversations..
  • Omnichannel customer chat: At its core, any omnichannel strategy is about establishing a consistent customer experience, across multiple platforms, enabling convenience, and seizing opportunity. Rake connects your organization with the most popular messaging platforms. This enables you to be where your customers are and to be available when they are ready to engage.
  • Universal Channels: Rake's universality allows users to create private conversation channels and invite guests to send and receive messages while using their favorite messaging platform. This is the next generation in channel guests and it's built on the premise that the conversation is more important than the platform.
  • Platform integrations: Rake is universal messaging and integrates with messaging platforms and work platforms. The Rake public and custom integrations allow for a broad omnichannel customer chat solution and a one of it's kind universal conversation channel experience. Consider the benefits of engaging with visitors on your website, or making it easier for customers and prospects to communicate with your organization, and you'll agree, connected companies and winning companies.
  • Website visitor monitoring: When you or your team are chatting with someone using your website, you'll know the details needed to begin a great conversation. The sales team can simulate the same moment someone walks into a business with a friendly and an offer to help answer any questions. Know if the visitor is using a mobile or desktop device and craft just the right message. Both programmed and live message options are included.
  • Task management: Rake comes with a built-in online task management system organically connected to external (chat) conversations and internal conversations. If a conversation can’t be resolved in one touch, or requires follow-up for any reason, create a task.

Next Generation Universal Messaging Platform.