Noida, India
Mar 6, 2021   |  By Productivise
Increasing collaborative productivity for remote employees is vital in helping organizations adapt quickly to changing situations. As the pandemic transforms the business landscape, leaders need to emphasize the importance of effective collaboration in identifying opportunities and solving complex issues with long-term implications. One way of enhancing remote collaboration is to take advantage of powerful collaboration software tools to reduce errors and improve processes.
Feb 20, 2021   |  By Productivise
If you’re a business owner or in charge of Sales for an SME, you would have probably considered at one point if your company needs a mobile app – be it for outreach to your clients on new products or to constantly train and take feedback from sales executives in the field. With over 44+ lakhs apps on the App Store, you might also be thinking the market is saturated & the existing combination of Apps such as Google Forms, Dropbox, Email & WhatsApp do just fine, so why bother?
Feb 3, 2021   |  By Productivise
According to IBM’s Security report, the average cost for an Indian company due to a security breach was Rs 14 crore in 2020. Businesses of all sizes are affected by such an event, with customer details, patient records, employee, faculty & student data, and insurance and financial datasets being especially at risk. In fact, leaks on SMEs and MSMEs are higher given the lack of focus and awareness on data privacy in this sector.
Jan 17, 2021   |  By Productivise
For any company – big or small, the mobile device of a workforce is the weakest security link in a business environment. Whether it is sending a sensitive presentation outside the intended group or sharing office-threads, or taking screenshots of work-chat, all these attempts constitute a serious data leak without the organization being aware. With the surge in remote work during COVID-19, the risk for a business of such privacy, legal and reputational leak have increased exponentially.
Jan 2, 2021   |  By Productivise
The pandemic year has been a tipping point for over 7 crores micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) which account for 40% of total exports, 45% of total industrial production, and 30.5% of services to India’s GDP. Covid-19 has helped digitally aware businesses (food & beverage outlets, auto-ancillary, retailers, training institutes, etc.) to mirror their physical presence to the internet and mobile ecosystem.
May 7, 2020   |  By Productivise
Parliamentarians with Innovators for India (PII) is a social organization which serves as a National COVID-19 Action Group. The goal of the action group is to identify and deploy solutions designed to address the COVID-19 pandemic in states across India, driven by entrepreneurs, companies, academicians, companies and other experts.

Built for businesses with high privacy standards, Productivise is your "private" platform for secure group communication, engagement and work management, with full administration and control on its usage.

Your Messaging Platform:

  • Highly Confidential: Productivise ensures that only the right users can access your content. Messages and documents are restricted for circulation within the organization defined departments, projects, cases, or custom task groups, and cannot be forwarded, copied, and saved outside the app.
  • Intelligent 3D Groups: Productivise, at its core, is built-in with an intelligent grouping algorithm that allows you to segment and group users using a combination of role, location, project, and tasks. There is advanced capability to support real-time and spontaneous team formation.
  • Advanced Messaging Architecture: Large scale outreach and engagement necessitates discipline in communication. Productivise provides for four messaging architecture namely, Broadcast, 1-way moderated, 2-way interactive, and Peers to bring purposeful specificity to group and ensure no personal or side communication.
  • Mirrors Organization Structure: Whether it's a communication that needs to follow a top-down or bottom-up protocol or a case-specific update, Productivise maintains the working organisation structure between field staff, office staff and headquarters.
  • Authorized Publication and Distribution: Critical & important communication needs quick attention. Productivise allows subject matter experts to directly put information in dedicated folders in the app to avoid updates getting lost in the maze of chat threads and messages.
  • Simplified User Interface: In consumer apps, seeing all the conversations about a single task, project, or product requires sifting through lots of different media, chats and attachments. Productivise saves time for your users by seeing all the discussions and files in intelligently created folders and tabs.

The Ultimate Privacy-Preserving Messaging Platform for your Distributed Workforce.