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How Bank of New Zealand Uses Flow Metrics and Insights to Drive Business Outcomes

Paul Littlefair, Technology Executive at Bank of New Zealand, shares how BNZ uses Tasktop and Flow Metrics to get definitive visibility into product delivery and drive improvements. Insights into flow help ensure the bank can achieve its outcomes and provide next-generation technology that supports the human element of banking.

#OutsideTheBox - What Do We Do Next?

Sometimes challenges at work can leave us scratching our heads and wondering what to do in the midst of uncertainty. In this episode of our #OutsideTheBox series, Tasktop Project to Product Guide, Danny Presten encourages us to go beyond asking “what do we do?” but rather "what do we do next?" to gain some positive momentum.

#OutsideTheBox - Products are an Expression of Love

Customer centricity is incredibly important. But have you ever taken it so far as to view the products you create as an expression of love for your customer? During this week's episode of #OutsideTheBox, Tasktop Strategic Transformation Advisor, Danny Presten, unpacks the first time he first heard someone describe product development this way.

#OutsideTheBox - Performance Challenges

How many times have you depended on another person or team only to be let down? In this episode of our #OutsideTheBox series, Tasktop Project to Product Guide, Danny Presten reminds us to take a step back and ask the 5 why’s regarding what might have led to those performance challenges. By doing this, we can address systemic issues and go beyond blame.

Mik + One: Paul Littlefair & BMK Lakshminarayanan (Episode 41)

To kick off the first episode of 2022, Mik is joined by two guests from Bank of New Zealand: Paul Littlefair, Chief Technology Officer, and BMK Lakshminarayanan, Value Stream Architect. In this episode, Mik, Paul and BMK delve into how Bank of New Zealand has been applying the shift from Project to Product and Flow Metrics, and other key topics including: Subscribe to the Mik + One podcast today so you never miss an episode and don’t forget to leave your review.

How TUI Group Transformed into a High-Performing Tech Company Managing Holiday Experiences

Pieter Jordaan, CTO of TUI Group, the largest tourism company in the world, talks about how TUI pivoted quickly from a traditional asset company to become more of a platform company — transforming into a software company and he says, “Underneath it all, we are a technology company that manages the holiday experience."