Tasktop: Catalyze your SAFe® Transformation with Flow Metrics

Tasktop: Catalyze your SAFe® Transformation with Flow Metrics


The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) is a significant blueprint for accelerating business agility in the Age of Software. With each Program Increment (PI), you should clearly see that you’re increasing the number of features delivering value to the business, responding to customer demands faster and maximizing the capacity of your FTEs and contractors.

Yet many organizations are still struggling to accelerate time to market despite significant investment. Proxy metrics like ceremonies, certifications and tooling are not translating into achieving key business results. Even worse, they don’t know why it’s not working.

In this webinar, ICON Enterprise Agile & DevOps Transformation Coach, Dan James, and Tasktop Senior Value Stream Architect, Lee Reid, will show you how to:

  • Enable real-time visibility into the health of your product value streams with live value stream visualization of your software portfolio.
  • Find the bottlenecks impacting the end-to-end flow of value and focus investments where they’ll truly make a difference.
  • Measure end-to-end flow for each value stream and tie it to key business results with Flow Metrics.
  • Use the right visual and semantic language with Product Management to ensure debt and risk mitigation work are not neglected in PI Planning.

Dan and Lee will use data from an actual product value stream as a basis for an interactive exchange of interpreting Flow Metrics and coaching to address root causes as part of continuous improvement efforts.