Atlassian: How to supercharge automation in Jira Cloud

Atlassian: How to supercharge automation in Jira Cloud


We recently ran an intro webinar which showed users how to set up their first no-code automation rules in Jira Cloud. Now, we are back with an advanced webinar where we will dive much deeper and help you take your automation to the next level.

Now that automation is available natively in every single Jira Cloud instance, everyone can start saving time and stress with just a few clicks. The more you understand the power of this automation engine, the more value you are going to get from it.

This webinar is not going to be death by PowerPoint. Rather, Andreas will run you through a live demo where we will build 3 automation rules that showcase the more advanced features and abilities of Jira’s automation engine. By the end of the webinar, you will know how to create powerful automation rules, master smart values (to access and automate any data in Jira). We will also show you how to integrate with some of your favourite third party tools. As ever, we will leave lots of time for questions and answers at the end.

If you haven’t used automation in Jira yet, we strongly suggest you watch this webinar first: Getting started with automation in Jira.

  • Intro: Quick refresher on how automation works
  • Live demo - 3 powerful automation rules
  • Extra Resources
  • Question and Answers