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December 2020


Bizarro Defect Management - Are You Neglecting Customer Happiness?

If you’re a fan of Seinfeld, you may recall an episode where Elaine experiences an alternate reality of her circle of friends. A “Bizarro World” where polar opposites exist. Elaine meets Kevin, Gene, and Feldman who are kind, generous and lacking all the immature qualities of Jerry, George, and Kramer.

Let It Flow: Using Flow Metrics to Combat Cognitive Overload

Do conflicting priorities and interruptions disrupt your week? Is your calendar crammed with back-to-back meetings? If you are already overloaded and continue to take on more work, it’s likely you’re stressed. Stress impacts cognitive functioning - making it onerous to focus on and complete important work. While cognitive overload is difficult to measure, the impact is huge. How can the impacts of stress be measured--and communicated?

SAFe 5.0: How to Avoid This Big Mistake

Large enterprises struggle to shed legacy ways of working, even after implementing the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®). How do you root out old habits that persist underneath the shiny new varnish of SAFe? Enterprise agility can be hard to achieve for companies that weren’t built from the ground up as software companies. Old habits die hard, even under the glossy new surface of SAFe operating procedures and cadences.


New Product Release: Tasktop Viz - Measure Your Value Stream Management (VSM) Journey

Tasktop Viz™ has been making waves since its official release back in March of this year. Never before have executives and practitioners been able to gain cross-value stream insights in one consolidated place in the way that Tasktop Viz provides. The incredible Fortune 100 adoption since its launch has helped us develop and prioritize the features that companies of this size need today to improve their business value delivery.