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October 2020


How IT Can Get Its Dream Makeover with Value Stream Management

Here at Tasktop, we’ve had plenty of interesting conversations with enterprises about whether they should delay adoption of a value stream management (VSM) platform until they’ve had a chance to “clean up their mess”. Beneath the question lies a fear — always legitimate, but especially so in a year of economic distress and highly constrained budgets — that a VSM tool will simply expose what is already known: “Our processes, workflows and tools are a mess.


The Flow Institute: The First Online Community for Value Stream Management (VSM)

Adapting to the undefined market conditions of the Novel Economy. Serving customers and supporting employees in a digital-first world. Finding your feet amid a whirlwind of voices and opinions. Knowing where to cast your net in a vast sea of data. Maximizing ROI from delicate budgets. Keeping up with and comprehending ongoing transformations and initiatives. Sieving through the cacophony of pitches promoting new technologies and methodologies that promise the world.


Did Your Organization Wake Up as a Software Company? You Need Value Stream Management

While it may feel like the world has been “going digital” for the past decade, the impact of the events of 2020 has laid bare the reality of what being digital really means: the ability to swiftly and continuously support the needs of customers and employees when they need it most.


We Did It Again! Tasktop Named a Leader by GigaOm in Value Stream Management

The value stream management (VSM) market continues to grow at an exponential rate as enterprises recognize that they need to deliver higher quality software faster to compete in today’s world. Last week, a new research paper by GigaOm analyst, Jon Collins, named Tasktop as a leader in value stream management in software delivery.

Tasktop Hub Demo: Sophisticated cross-tool integration for ServiceNow Agile Development

Demonstrates Tasktop's bi-directional integration solution for ServiceNow ITBM / ServiceNow Agile Development with 60+ software delivery tools. Tasktop integrates tens of common development and testing tools used alongside ServiceNow like Rally, Targetprocess, Micro Focus ALM, and Tricentis Tosca or qTest to name a few. In this demonstration, we’ll focus on Rally and MF ALM. Populate the unified backlog with stories, defects, problems, incidents, and tasks that originate in other tools.