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May 2020


Need for Speed: Cubic's Journey with Tasktop Viz and Flow Metrics

“I feel the need — the need for speed” – Peter “Maverick” Mitchell Just like the sky-soaring heroes of Top Gun, Cubic has only one speed — fast. It’s why the company has racked up so many industry firsts across transportation, defense and beyond. The first electronic stadium scoreboard in the U.S. The first geodetic SECOR satellite surveying system to offer coast-to-coast measurement of the country. The first magnetic strip on automated fare cards.

Automating Traceability in the Current World of Software Delivery

Until recently, manual traceability has held back large organizations from becoming software innovators. Now, enterprise toolchain integration is greatly helping organizations across heavily-regulated industries, such as healthcare, automobile, finance and government, to automate the sophisticated flow of work from ideation to operation. By connecting the toolchain that underpins your software delivery value streams and automating the flow of data between teams in real-time, you can systematically build out your end-to-end traceability.

Transitioning from Project To Product to Thrive in the New Normal

In the wake of global disruption, we have entered into an era of a new and unusual Novel Economy. This new strain of market conditions is not fully identified or understood. It is clear that a new economy is taking shape--and there is no playbook. This is a time for innovation. Success will be determined by how effectively organizations can adopt digital-first mindsets supported by Agile and DevOps, and value stream management to execute at internet speed and scale.

Finding a Consistent Measure of Value across Different Frameworks and Ways of Working

Moving fast is a necessity for enterprises looking to stand the pace with the tech giant oligopoly and other startup technologies disrupting most industries. This need for speed has resulted in the adoption of various ways of working to accelerate the flow of work across the software delivery value stream, from Agile fram­­eworks such as Scrum, Kanban, SAFe® and LeSS to implementing DevOps and Lean principles.

From Factories To Flow: Streamlining Software Delivery at Cubic Corporation

Cubic Corporation is a technology-driven, market-leading solutions provider that has been innovating in the public transportation and defense industry for nearly seven decades – having revolutionized elevators, global positioning, public transit fare payments and military training. With a strong foundation of software delivery through solutions such as the “Top Gun” air combat training system as well as the fare payment systems for public transportation platforms in many US and European cities, Cubic set out on a journey to double down on software innovation. A key to that transformation was shifting to a product mindset to accelerate delivery through its highly complex value streams.

Migrating to Daimler/Mercedes-Benz AG's New E/E System

By October 2020, Daimler/Mercedes-Benz AG will replace its supplier defect and test management tool for its internal E/E system. If you are a supplier working with the automotive giant and connected to its existing defect management and ALM systems, you will need to migrate or change projects to the new system (Intland codeBeamer ALM) as soon as possible.


Obtaining a Unified View of Wait States across Multiple Workflows

“If you measure anything, measure wait time.” Dominica DeGrandis, Making Work Visible When it comes to improving the end-to-end flow of business value across your software delivery organization, one of the first places to start is identifying your wait states.