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June 2022

Create a Bias-Free Workplace in 3 Easy Steps

Individuals and businesses alike suffer from workplace bias. While millions of people are robbed of the chance for success, companies lose vast amounts of money due to poor business practices — and plenty of them fight lawsuits. Still, creating a bias-free workplace is not that difficult at all: today’s blog will show you how!

7 Best Practices for Managing Teams With Different Backgrounds

A company having a diverse workforce with different backgrounds is always tricky to manage. However, it is the responsibility of a manager to ensure that every member of the team is working as productively as they possibly can, even if that means taking the time to understand each person. The most effective teams are created when a manager is aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each employee, knows how to make the most of each person’s special skills, and promotes teamwork.

How to Build Trust in the Workplace in 9 Steps

When things go wrong at work, what’s your first instinct? To blame your people? To blame your systems and workflows? Or to get curious about what went wrong? Trusting relationships don’t jump to blame when bad things happen. Your employees know that instinctively. If you‘re quick to blame others in a crisis, it can affect teamwork throughout the organization. Now, does that mean you should blindly trust everyone in every situation? Of course not.

9 Best Timesheet Software Options for Workforce Management (In-Depth Guide)

At first glance, Timesheet software is a no-brainer for most business owners to implement into their workforce. After all, what could a time tracking tool do besides bringing structure and optimization to your workplace? Well, it could completely destroy your employees’ ability to focus on work. Employee timesheets tend to put pressure on employees.

Digital Experience Monitoring from Exoprise (Intro video)

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) from Exoprise offers a unique solution combining proactive monitoring with synthetics and endpoint monitoring with RUM. We call it Better Together! Using the Exoprise DEM solution, enterprises can empower IT to support work-from-anywhere initiatives. Whether your team is interested in 24*7 monitoring of Microsoft 365 or complete coverage of third-party services like Zoom, Exoprise has it all.

IT Jobs: How to Get Your First Job in Tech With Zero Experience

It appears there is no world without technology, that intangible thing that forever changed our lives. Therefore, it’s no wonder you will want to get your first IT job! Yes, it can be hard to break into the industry without experience. In this blog post, we will provide tips for getting into IT with zero experience. We’ll also discuss how to stand out from the competition and land that dream job! Keep reading!

The essential guide to project integration management

Every project is a little bit different, each with its own unique set of objectives and desired outputs. Each may also see you and your team working with several different departments as you strive to create a finished product. It’s working with those different departments that makes project integration management a necessity. Without this type of management, it can be difficult to ensure that all teams are communicating well, and that processes are flowing as they should be.

Introducing Rocket.Chat's Updated and Simplified Pricing

For the past few years, Rocket.Chat has expanded and evolved to deliver a better communications experience for organizations all over the world. We have continuously invested in product and infrastructure enhancements that allow communication to flow freely between colleagues, partners, customers, communities and even platforms - without compromise. Organizations can own their data, customize anything within the platform and integrate whatever they need.

Wire's New Accessibility Improvements

One of our promises at Wire is to provide the most secure and user friendly communications platform. Today, we’re proud to announce the first phase in our latest efforts to bring data privacy to a broader group of people through accessibility improvements to our UI. We love user feedback, and these improvements were partially inspired by our users’ inputs and our commitment to following accessibility standards.

What is a personal user manual? How can it help teams collaborate?

According to Gallup, just seven percent of employees strongly agree that communication at work is accurate, timely, and open. And the continuing transition to remote and hybrid work has only made this more apparent. Personal user manuals offer a unique solution to foster transparency and improve team communication and collaboration across the board.