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May 2022

The Top 15 Customer Experience Experts You Need To Follow in 2022

In any profession, success comes to those who are constantly evolving, staying updated on current trends and learning best practices. We often look to leaders and industry experts to show us the way forward whenever there’s a roadblock, and if your work profile is dependent on keeping up with evolving customer trends and expectations, you need ongoing guidance.

AI Powered Attorney Time Tracking Software

There are many #timetracking applications out there, but when it comes to working with lawyers, most are ineffective because they just don’t have the features that make time and billing management simple and efficient. That’s why #Workstatus is different. This #timetrackingtool is built specifically with law firms in mind. And since it’s online, any lawyer or staff member can easily use it from any computer or smartphone.

The 8 Best Customer Service Tools to Aid in a Connected Customer Journey

Today’s customer support professionals have a lot on their plates – from interacting directly with customers and managing a steady stream of support tickets, to creating and updating libraries of self-service content. All this, while under pressure to keep customer satisfaction high and resolution time low.

4 Business Data Security Risks That Could Cost You Millions

Data from eight million users of Cash App Investing customers, including names and brokerage account numbers, was compromised in April 2022 after a former employee downloaded confidential reports. Unfortunately, data security breaches like this are too common. Cybersecurity threats happen with just the smallest human error—and wreak havoc on your business’s finances and reputation. In a 2021 IBM research report, the average cost of a security breach went up 10% to $4.24 million.

May Update: Automations and usability improvements Scoro

Automating small parts of your work can do wonders for your workflow. With this update, we’ve further tweaked automation options for you and finished a number of other tiny improvements to help you cut down on the clicks when managing your projects and finances. Here’s what’s updated in Scoro.

7 Most Popular Time Clock Software for Work

Clocking in and out of work can be a time-consuming process. However, with time clock software for work, you can make it considerably easier. In this post, we explore the most popular time clock software for work, including options that help you run your business as efficiently as possible and, if you are an employee, keep track of how you are using your time.

Top 5 Remote Employee Engagement Activities

As more companies offer virtual positions or hybrid schedules, employee engagement becomes a priority. Take a look at the top five remote employee engagement activities. By the Offsyte Team, May 13, 2022 By 2025, an estimated 36.2 million people will work remotely. As more companies offer virtual positions or hybrid schedules, employee engagement becomes a priority. To help your team work together and build a sense of community, planning remote employee engagement activities is ideal.

Scaling Application to User Communication in an Event Driven Architecture

Troy Goode CEO of Courier, an API and UI for product notification infrastructure gives a talk on what one needs to think about when building a system like this, the complexities of it all, and the cost. Courier is the fastest way to design your notifications once and deliver them through push notifications, direct messages like Slack and Facebook Messenger, SMS, and email–with a single Courier API rather than having to integrate each provider API separately.

What is ITIL Demand Management? An Introduction

Predicting consumer demand and ensuring you have the resources to support that is key to the success of any organization. The same is true for IT, and this is where ITIL demand management comes in. Demand management is an ITIL process that interfaces with multiple processes and manages expectations on both customer and service provider ends. Let’s explore the demand management process, what it entails, and what good demand management looks like.

6 Best Time Clock Software For Multiple Locations

Managing employee time clocking at a single location is challenging enough. But when you operate multiple locations, it makes time tracking even harder. Fortunately, employee scheduling and time clock software for multiple locations dramatically simplifies the process and reduces errors, allowing you to slash labor costs and operate a more streamlined business no matter where workers do their job. Getting a little more specific, time clock software for multiple locations helps in the following way.

5 Best Time Clock Software Programs For Small Business

Keeping track of when employees arrive and leave the workplace is critical. It lets you determine whether they are showing up on time, leaving the worksite specified by their contract, or completing their allotted number of hours during the week. Unfortunately, trying to track time and attendance manually is hard. Collecting employee data for work hours from multiple locations is administratively challenging.