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March 2022

Insightful - Workforce Analytics Software

Insightful is an employee monitoring and time tracking software which tracks employees’ computer activities while they’re working. It provides businesses with valuable data on how the time in the office is spent, as well as on project progress, websites and apps usage, and so on. Employers can either look at the real-time data, or at reports providing details on time spent on different assignments. It’s an intuitive solution that is extremely easy to install on office computers, as well as on remote employees’ devices

8 Zendesk open source alternatives to try in 2022

Let’s face it: Zendesk is great. It’s one of the most popular helpdesk tools out there. But, it also has its shortcomings, and there are numerous competitors on the market. A portion of these Zendesk alternatives are open source solutions. The unique advantages of open source software play well into the customer service space, and they are here to stay. After all, open source solutions are no longer reserved for small businesses and teams.

10 best open source customer service software

Businesses always want to provide the best customer service possible. To do that, they need the best customer service software to decrease response time and resolve customer inquiries effectively. However, organizations sometimes face challenges while acquiring and setting up customer service systems. They want a tool tailored to their needs that supports various customer service channels, and that allows them to control their own data. These criteria is met with open source customer service software.


How To Master Remote Work: A Roundup Of Trello Resources

It may seem like there is a fine art to working remotely. But there are a few simple tricks that, once mastered, will change your organization for the better no matter where (or when and how) your employees choose to work. For instance, the most successful remote companies communicate clearly and collaborate as a team in shared online workspaces. Curious as to how they do it?


Change Management: The Impact on Organizations

Life is a series of changes. It can be exciting, new, and full of possibilities—or it can be scary, uncomfortable, and unknown. Change can have both good and bad consequences for organizations. How an organization handles change will determine its success or failure. This blog post will discuss the impact change management has on organizations. We will look at the benefits and challenges of change management, and provide tips on successfully navigating through changes in your organization!

Translations - Tech Talk with Excalibur Data Systems

HaloITSM is a single, all-inclusive ITSM software solution. It will transform your current ways of working into intuitive, up-to-the-minute workflows, as well as give your teams the ability to deliver the very best service to customers and employees alike. It wont just standardize your processes, but it will also deliver valuable analytics, so you can match your IT delivery to the true needs of your business, present, and future.

How to use ITAM to support your IT support game

Historically IT asset management (ITAM) is the practice that was forgotten about by IT service management (ITSM) practitioners because it wasn’t considered a “core” ITIL process. This changed with the publication of ITIL 4, and now ITAM sits firmly in the ITIL management practice section of the service value stream. Done well, ITAM can help organizations to manage, control and support their IT services.