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January 2022

Upwork Time Tracking: How to Use, FAQs, Limitations, Alternative

Upwork Global Inc. is a freelance platform designed for effective remote collaboration between clients and independent professionals, like a graphic designer or freelance developer. The platform allows clients to share information and communicate work objectives with virtual teams. And to ensure everyone gets their money’s worth, Upwork provides a time tracking software solution to invoice work time.

Is Microsoft's Teams Productivity Tracker Legit?

In November 2020, Microsoft launched a productivity app named Microsoft Productivity Score to measure the productivity of your co-located as well as remote team. This Microsoft Teams productivity tracker helps your company break down how much time your employees are spending on all Office 365 tools. In this article, we’ll cover what Microsoft Teams productivity tracker is and the eight parameters it uses to measure your company’s Productivity Score.

8 Excellent Tools for Todoist Time Tracking (Features, Pricing)

Todoist is a task management tool suitable for individuals and small businesses. This task manager helps teams easily manage their tasks with features like recurring due dates, priority levels, reminders, and more. Unfortunately, Todoist doesn’t support native time tracking. So, how do you perform Todoist time tracking? Simple! Through third-party app integration.

OneDesk - Saved Replies and Automating Replies

Saved replies are a powerful tool available for your use in OneDesk. Learn how to create and use a saved reply, as well as how to attach saved replies to workflow automations in this video. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

Automation Delivers Results

Let’s take a look at Automation. Automation reduces workload, improves efficiency, and decreases costs. With the right service management solution like Vivantio, you can manage complex workflows and automate recurring processes within your business, removing the need for manual resources. Many tasks can be automated, from finance and HR management to project management, team collaboration and reporting. Watch the video to learn more.

New year, new integrations

Import2 (Sell) is a 1-click data migration software that helps you to move all historical data from your legacy software into Zendesk Sell. All your contacts, companies, opportunities, tasks, notes, calls, meetings, emails and attachments from your existing CRM will be transferred automatically. Import2 replaces CSV import tools as a faster and simpler solution for your data migration needs.

Simpplr on Simpplr: How we redesigned our own Simpplr instance to create a modern employee experience

In this two-part article series, I explain how in my role as a Corporate Brand and Communications Manager at Simpplr used our intranet product to assess our company needs, create a plan to improve organizational performance, and implement our strategies for the benefit of our employees, leadership, and the success of our business. I work at an industry-leading tech company.

A Guide to Empathy in Customer Service

What is the one skill that everybody in customer support must have? Ask this to anybody who’s been in customer service for a while and ‘empathy’ would be high up on the list. We’ve put together a short guide on the importance of empathy in customer service and tips to empathize with customers better. You can use the following links to navigate through the blog. – Why is empathy important in customer service?

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3 ways to set your productive intentions right for the year!

We all want to set new goals and do our best to maintain them. With the new year having set in, there comes a sort of renaissance tinge to being productive. Everyone wants to revamp themselves in the new year—the way they behave, the way they live their lives, and the way they go about doing their daily activities.

10 Smart Tips for the Perfect Remote Working Set Up

Remote work and hybrid work have become increasingly common since the Coronavirus pandemic. And with people working from shared spaces and home offices, it is crucial to highlight the importance of a great remote working set up. But working from home (WFH) isn’t just about pulling up a chair and logging in for the day. Maintaining a well-organized remote workspace can do wonders for your productivity and work-life balance.

Teamwork Time Tracking Guide (Steps, Drawbacks, Alternative)

Teamwork is a leading cloud-based project management software solution with features like Gantt chart functionality, Kanban boards, and time tracking. Its native time tracking is valuable for managing projects, calculating billable hours, and general time management. But how do you set up Teamwork time tracking? More importantly, does Teamwork offer all the time tracking features you need? In this article, we’ll highlight the essential steps for Teamwork time tracking.