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August 2021


Conflict Management Strategies For Hybrid Teams

The past year and a half has forced many businesses to change the way their teams are structured—specifically, in shifting from fully in-person operations to a hybrid work environment. And, like with any change, there have been some bumps along the way—particularly when it comes to conflict. “As businesses and teams shifted from office-only to remote-only or hybrid work, the way things were done transformed—and continues to transform,” says Dr.

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The 2021 Guide to Call Center Reporting & Analytics

Call center reporting converts raw data into insightful reports. Based on the type of report, you can understand agent performance, evaluate key performance metrics, and make informed decisions to enhance your customer service. Moreover, identifying and resolving issues on a granular level can help you build strategies to achieve excellent customer engagement. In this article, we’ll cover what call center reporting is, its benefits, and the top eight call center reports.

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Top 15 Remote Desktop Monitoring Software (2021)

Managing networks and computer systems round the clock are no easy task. You need to monitor how each remote device behaves, what devices join the network and more. Fortunately, remote desktop monitoring software tools help you with that. But if all you need is basic remote desktop monitoring, you can use employee monitoring tools to do the job while ensuring your employees work productively. But with several tools available today, which one is the best for you?


Introducing Courier Inbox and Toast for Notifications That Don't Suck

We are excited to announce the availability of Courier’s newest provider, Courier Push! We have released Inbox and Toast, two open source React components that exemplify the potential future applications of this feature. With Toast, you can send your user a notification within your web application and Inbox allows you to create an embeddable notification repository so that your user can access all past in-app notifications.


How to successfully calculate project estimates for your clients

Regardless of how big or small, determining project estimates for costs, resources, and time needed is really hard. The worst part is, it’s hard to know exactly how a project will pan out. Consider all of the unexpected hiccups that often happen like team members falling sick and budgets get slashed. Project estimates can’t just be pulled from the top of your head. They're complex because, well, your projects are often intricate too.


Whiteboarding in Google Workspace

We know the best work happens when collaboration across teams runs smoothly. At Miro, we always look for opportunities to connect our work and fuel innovation to bring you the best whiteboard experience you can have, so you, too, can do your best work. That’s why we’ve partnered with Google Workspace extending existing capabilities within Google Calendar, creating seamless workflows within Google Meet, and supporting deeper integrations with Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

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5 Things to Consider in a Return to Work Plan

If you’re planning to re-open your office fully or partially after the pandemic, you need a return to work plan. It might still be unclear when your full workforce can return to the workplace. You have to be prepared for the return of your employees once everything is back to normal. This article will look at what a return to work plan looks like and show you how to prepare one in five easy steps. We’ll also explore why a return to work plan is essential in the first place.


Personal selling 101: What it is and how to do it well

Customers love to feel special and understood. According to research from Epsilon, 80 percent of customers say they’re more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences. Additionally, 90 percent indicated they found personalization appealing. Personalization often begins long before a consumer even considers making a purchase.

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Top 8 Advantages of Implementing BYOD in Your Organization

For many years now, organizations are taking several measures to bring about flexibility in their work culture. One such practice is Bring Your Own Device , popularly known as BYOD. BYOD enables an employee to work using their own device, giving them the liberty to carry work home or any other location. The main advantages of BYOD include helping businesses grow by saving money and increasing productivity.


The 3 Main Types of Content Services: Collaborative, Archival and Transactional

Over the past few years, content services have fallen into one of two different categories: transactional or collaborative. Transactional content, as the name suggests, directly relates to the case management content that businesses are working with on a daily basis. Collaborative content, on the other hand, has to do with all of those project-related documents that people are tracking to actively do their jobs.

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8 Virtual Team Advantages and 6 Disadvantages (2021 Guide)

Due to the pandemic, business owners today prefer a virtual office over a traditional office setup. There are some obvious advantages, such as cost reduction and access to a global talent pool . However, this approach also has some drawbacks. That’s why it’s essential to know about virtual team advantages and disadvantages to decide whether to turn your business virtual or not.

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150 Best Virtual Team Building Questions in 2021

A strong bond among virtual team members is essential for team productivity, morale, and remote work efficiency. And while there are several ways to encourage employee engagement, asking virtual team building questions is one of the easiest. A bunch of creative questions can help your remote team quickly indulge in meaningful conversations. In this article, we’ll cover 150 virtual team building questions that have been categorized to help you easily pick questions for any virtual event.


What is a Scrum Board?

Scrum boards are an important aspect for managing technical projects and every responsible technical project manager cares about the process a project takes on. Using a framework that gives you a better image of where you are standing and how far are you from where you should be can help your business grow remarkably. This framework is called a scrum board. This post will answer all your scrum board-related questions and will suggest the best scrum board available for your business.


7 of the top employee time tracking software options that actually help prevent micromanagers

Employee time tracking software has its pros and cons. On the one hand, you (the manager) need to know how long your team is spending on tasks and monitor progress. This information influences resourcing, budget, task delegation, and more. On the other hand, there’s nothing worse than your staff feeling like you’re breathing down their necks while they’re trying to work. Micromanaging is not an attractive trait for a manager.


Do-not-reply emails: Pros, cons, and best practices

Anyone on a support team will tell you that responding to every customer inquiry is tough, especially if you’re working for a small business with limited resources. Using a do-not-reply email—a special type of account that’s unable to receive incoming messages—may seem like a tempting way to lessen that volume. It’s true that do-not-reply emails have their perks, and they may have a place in your business model.


Gross sales vs. net sales: Key differences explained

As a sales manager, your eyes are glued to your company’s revenue. You’re focused on helping your team close more deals and increasing profitability. But are you sure you’re measuring sales revenue in the best possible way? Gross sales and net sales are two common metrics that offer distinct advantages when it comes to gauging revenue. If you’re not sure what they are and how they differ from each other, you’re not alone.

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5 Best Web Based Time Clock Software (In-Depth Look)

In our recent post on the best ways to track employee hours, we discussed the downsides of traditional time tracking methods (such as spreadsheets or pen and paper). Specifically, there are two major issues: In this post, we’ll go over how Buddy Punch (our web based time clock software) can help you avoid these issues, and make the payroll process faster and more accurate. We will also list four other web based time tracking solutions, to help you make a more informed decision.

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Virtual Assistant vs Employee: Which is Right For You?

The virtual assistant vs employee discussion is now more important than ever for any entrepreneur or business owner. Both hires can carry out many of the same duties, such as basic administrative tasks, office management, personal assistant duties, and social media management. But how do you determine which is the better option for you? In this article, we’ll help you compare a virtual assistant vs an employee.

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Applicable Strategies for Effective Team Management

Others may choose to see the manager or team leader job as a position of power, but it is a responsibility that requires you to manage your team while meeting the company's and team's expectations. Managing a team requires multi-tasking, where you have to deal with a different set of psychologies and motivate them to work together toward a common goal.

Reimagining ITSM With Online Communities | Community Matters ft. Stephen Mann

In this episode of Community Matters, IT Analyst Stephen Mann discusses recent IT trends and the influence of online communities in fostering peer-to-peer support among IT professionals. IT service management is continuously evolving. Organizations are taking steps to ensure meeting higher employee expectations while adapting to workplace reconstruction. A critical piece of the puzzle, sometimes overlooked, involves sharing resources and engaging with peers to achieve efficiency.

The Benefits Of Team Reflections And How To Lead One

Have you ever wondered why dancers practice in front of a mirror? The mirror is the only way a dancer can see the quality of their movement and performance. Looking in the mirror allows the dancer to receive immediate feedback and adjust. Whether you're a prima ballerina or have two left feet, we could all learn a lesson from the dance studio. Your reflection tells you a whole lot about yourself and how you work. As a manager, it's important to carry this lesson through prepared team reflections.


Which hybrid and remote work model is best for your business?

This article originally appeared on Inc. As a leader, hybrid and remote work are likely top of mind. But when leaders talk about hybrid and remote work, they often mince terms. There are many hybrid and remote work models—it’s important to get clear on what you’re actually talking about. Here are five of the most common hybrid and remote work models that leaders are contemplating.

LinkedIn's first steps towards a centralized notification strategy

In the past, each LinkedIn application team decided their notification strategy in isolation. Business logic and infrastructure sharing were limited between the teams. This resulted in a fragmented and inconsistent tech stack across LinkedIn and a less than savory member notification experience. To combat this disjointed experience, Linkedin set up a small team to build an orchestration layer, the Air-Traffic Controller (ATC). This became one of the more complex notification systems and helped Linkedin grow into the top social platform for business and networking.

How to level up your customer-centric marketing strategy with 3 templates

Customer-centric marketers are laser-focused on the customer experience. This strategic approach challenges marketing teams to better understand customers so they can offer value at every interaction based on customer needs and interests. Teams who adhere to this approach often invest a lot of time and energy understanding the psyche of the customers who matter to them most.

10 best encrypted messaging apps for safe business communication in 2021

Many people are looking for encrypted messaging apps to communicate with their coworkers, friends, and family safely. While there are other ways to protect your data, end-to-end encryption has become a standard security feature in both consumer and business messaging apps. 🗝️ Find out what are the best encrypted messaging apps today, how encryption works, and how else you can ensure highest security standards while texting.

Data privacy: most important regulations and 5 tips on data protection

Data privacy is one of the major trends in a highly digitalized world. As products and services become more digital, there is more concern about misuse of data and personal information. Countries around the world are passing laws concerning data privacy, and some of these laws are industry-specific. In this article, we will approach the topic of data privacy for businesses.

5 most important data protection trends in 2022 and beyond

Data protection is giving more and more headaches to businesses. Data privacy regulations are profoundly affecting the way organizations approach their data security. However, fines for improper data management is not the sole reason why companies are enhancing data protection methods. Namely, customers are more aware than ever of how their data is being handled, and they are increasingly interested in how organizations approach data protection.


How to Translate Your Organization's Strategic Plan Into Teams' Day-to-Day Work

Strategic planning. It’s a popular term in corporate leadership and a task that enterprises can spend significant time, effort, and money on. And yet, an overwhelming number of corporate strategies fail. After weeks or months of hard work, leadership will unveil their strategic plan, only to have its beautifully crafted long-term goals fall by the wayside. At best, they might gather dust in the cloud. At worst, they can confuse, frustrate, and divide teams.

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Why You Should Maintain Timesheets for Salaried Employees

Maintaining timesheets help companies keep track of employee work hours — whether you do it using spreadsheets or time tracking tools. While it’s crucial for employees who work on an hourly basis, using timesheets for salaried employees can be beneficial too. It helps you generate accurate payroll, track time-offs, manage projects, and optimize business processes. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about timesheets for salaried employees.


Introducing the Miro Professional Network

Whether you’re a freelancer, consultant, or small agency, chances are, the way you meet and collaborate with clients has changed a lot over the past year. And with remote, hybrid, and distributed work environments here to stay, Miro’s collaborative online whiteboard offers a more flexible, future-proof solution for getting things done seamlessly—in-person or across the globe.


Zendesk welcomes Cleverly

At Zendesk, we believe a key component of providing great customer experiences includes ensuring your agents are armed with the right tools and processes to deliver them. But with conversation volume increasing by more than 20 percent year over year, over a growing number of channels, support teams are struggling to keep up. As a result, businesses increasingly turn to AI to provide faster and more reliable service and make teams more efficient.

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Everything You Need to Know About BYOD Security (2021 Guide)

If your company allows employees to use their personal devices for work (Bring Your Own Device), you need a BYOD security policy . Today, most companies incorporate a BYOD culture due to rising remote work demands following the pandemic. While this may leave you open to cyberattacks and data breaches , a robust security policy can help mitigate any such BYOD risk. In this article, we’ll discuss why you need BYOD security and how to create an effective BYOD policy in just eight steps .


Struggling To Lead Hybrid Teams? Three Priorities To Ensure Employee Equity And Excellence

Facebook Twitter Share As companies begin to emerge from the recent pandemic, there is a growing debate about the efficacy of pandemic-inspired work arrangements. Some organizations are committed to continuing workplace flexibility, while others insist on bringing people back to the office. Of course, many are taking a hybrid approach, allowing people to work remotely and on-site.


The Drum Asks Scoro's CEO: Why Do Firms Need a Chief Time Officer?

The Drum recently caught up with Fred Krieger, founder and chief executive of Scoro to discuss the business benefits for firms to hire a chief time officer, and how to fight the weapons of mass distraction that proliferate in many firms. Fred also shared the findings from a recent survey Scoro carried out with its marketing and creative agency customers. He explains: “We asked them to tell us what their operations were like before Scoro, and then what they are like now.

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How to Create a Return to Work Letter (Tips, Template)

As more and more people receive Covid 19 vaccine shots, companies are keen to call back employees after an extended leave from work. If you are creating a return to work plan , sending a welcoming and detailed return to work letter could make it easier for the employees and your HR (human resources) team. It’s a document that details the timeline and the process of the return for your employees.


ServiceNow Alternatives (FAQs 2021)

There’s no shortage of ServiceNow alternatives on the market for your business to explore. As service-focused organizations look for ways to optimize workflows, leveraging a sophisticated workflow automation solution is a strategic move. This could be the difference between good and exceptional customer experiences . ServiceNow isn’t the only answer to automation.


40+ Customer Service Interview Questions (And What To Look For In The Answers)

Every business owner, including the founder of one of the most magical places on Earth – Disneyland, credits the success of their vision to PEOPLE. Our research indicates that 55% of consumers will recommend a company to their friends and family due to good customer service, but 47% of them would no longer do business with a company as a response to bad service.


The Future of Work: Reskill to Survive

A job used to be for life. 30 years of dedicated service, in the same career, doing the same thing. Every single day. And that’s what we wanted. Enough money to support a family and savings for retirement – only starting to really live our lives at the end. That’s not what work is anymore. It took a viral pandemic that brought the world to its knees to prove that the future of work isn’t rigid. It’s flexible, adaptable and always evolving with new technology.

Customer Story: Project management was a pain for Marketeers until they found Zoho Projects

Marketeers is a 27-year-old market research company situated in Egypt. Watch how they use Zoho Projects to plan and estimate their work, keep track of progress, collaborate within their team as well as with clients, and record work hours for billing purposes.

3 Popular Custom Field Templates

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing that your favorite workflow solution had a standardized field for content or information that it currently does not offer, Custom Fields are out to solve this dilemma. There’s no way that every software can offer fields for all possible content across all types of workflows, and if it could, it would be far too burdensome to use, which is why Custom Fields are the answer to molding your favorite solution to better fit your workflow.

Time Doctor's Work Life Balance Widget Explained!

Employee wellness and the employee experience have quickly become a major focus for many organizations since the onset of the pandemic. In a 2020 survey by Spring Health, 76% of U.S. employees reported that they were experiencing burnout. With such a dramatic majority of employees suffering from symptoms of burnout, encouraging a healthy work-life balance and making efforts to reduce employee burnout should be a top concern for companies.

Everything You Need To Know About Customer Service Metrics in 2021

Tracking productivity and performance of the customer service function emerged as the #1 challenge of customer service leaders through the pandemic crisis, as per The New CX Mandate report. It isn’t surprising that 79% of these leaders in the US are investing 31% more in measurement and analytics in 2021.


This one rule will set your hybrid team up for success

This article originally appeared on Inc. In 2021, the hybrid work model became top-of-mind for business leaders. No wonder—the majority of knowledge workers (72%) say that, moving forward, they prefer a hybrid approach and a mix of remote and office work. And while the payoffs can be enormous, going hybrid is risky, especially because it can perpetuate a two-tier work environment.


More Options, More Trello: Revamped Pricing And Power-Ups For All

It’s now easier than ever before to get the most out of Trello and bring more power to your team. With revamped pricing and more features available to all users, manage all your projects at a price point that meets your team’s unique needs. Here are some of our latest changes: Before we give you the full pricing plan run-through, let’s dive deeper into the changes that are taking place today.


B2B customer service: What it is and how to do it right

It’s a common myth that B2B companies aren’t as focused on customer service as their B2C counterparts. According to an Accenture report , over 90 percent of B2B leaders believe that providing a great customer experience is the key to reaching their company’s goals. Focusing on the customer experience is especially critical for B2B companies. They typically have fewer customers than B2C companies, making it imperative that none of them slip through the cracks.


A quick guide to enterprise sales (+ 4 tips to supercharge your strategy)

Enterprise sales is like running a marathon. Your focus isn’t on short-term wins—you’re playing the long game. And just like a marathon results in big physical and mental gains, enterprise sales results in significant revenue and increased opportunities for your business. That being said, you wouldn’t run a marathon without training first. You shouldn’t jump into enterprise sales unprepared, either.


The 12 Best Microsoft Teams Alternatives (2021)

Microsoft Teams is a house hold software used by all and our team at Nifty wanted to put together an all inclusive list for the best Microsoft Teams Alternatives that will most likely be more beneficial to your business. The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. Most business owners have made it possible for their employees to work remotely from home for safety and health reasons. But many managers still have problems with managing their employees from afar.


3 Most Common Excuses for Ignoring User Feedback in Federal Software Development

Organizations that can tap into the power of user feedback have seen enormous improvements in ROI over the past decades. It started with Agile via iterative deliveries of user value on a set cadence, usually every two to three weeks. As top-performers (those that understood and embraced Agile fundamentals) began to separate from their competitors, they sought more gains. Can we make our iterations shorter? How short? Enter DevOps.

Kanban in Jira Software (team-managed projects)

Kanban, along with its sister framework scrum, are the most popular agile methodologies today. By visualizing work, limiting work in progress, and managing flow, kanban allows teams to plan flexibly, while increasing focus, output, and transparency. In this quick video, we’ll show you the first steps to get started with kanban in Jira Software.

A simple guide to customer perception (+ 4 actionable ways to improve it)

What do your customers think of your brand? How do they feel about the products and services you offer? If you’re unsure about the answers to these questions, you’re not alone. Customer perception is often difficult to understand because it’s subjective and varies from buyer to buyer. But this ambiguity doesn’t mean you should ignore your customers’ opinions.


Looking ahead to general availability of Collapsed Reply Threads

We appreciate all the incredible feedback the Mattermost community has provided about Collapsed Reply Threads since launching in beta in Mattermost Cloud and Self-Managed v5.37 and later. We are working as quickly as possible towards resolving known issues and then promoting this feature to be generally available.

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The Most Secure Encrypted Chat Apps in 2021

With the dawn of instant messenger apps, it may have gotten easier to communicate with people all over the world, and however, malicious individuals have discovered easy ways to infiltrate our data, business information, and so on. To your surprise, some famous chat apps don’t provide encrypted chats, with that said still few chat apps can provide you end-to-end encrypted communication. Some of the best secure encrypted chat apps are listed below


Executive dashboards: Which metrics should you track and why?

You want to grow and strengthen your company, but you can’t do that if all of your important data is buried in spreadsheets or held by dozens of different people across the organization. Uncover key information with an executive dashboard. This display provides an overview of your most essential company metrics on a single screen, so you can easily get the insights you need to make crucial decisions. No more wasting time digging through different reports.


Why a time-tracker is a great tool for software development agencies

Did you know time tracking can do wonders for your software development agency? Let’s comprehend its significance in detail for more information. Every organization wants its development with the preceding time, and software agencies are no exception. From meeting daily deadlines to getting new opportunities, owners believe that it’s essential to ace every step for succession in this competitive industry.

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10 BYOD Pros and Cons You Should Know About (2021 Guide)

From how offices are designed to the way people work, modern workplaces are undergoing dramatic changes. As a part of this shift in work culture, some organizations now allow employees to use their personal device for work. The Bring Your Own Device policy, as it is commonly known, is fast gaining popularity — especially with startups. So what are the pros and cons of allowing employees to bring their own devices? In this article, we’ll discuss 10 BYOD pros and cons in detail.


How To Address And Resolve Team Conflict When You're All Remote

In some ways, an entirely remote team has the benefit of avoiding a lot of common workplace conflicts . There are no complaints about that certain team member’s love of stinky tuna melts at lunch time. Nobody knows if a colleague collects dozens of dirty coffee mugs on their desk or talks on the phone at eardrum-bursting decibel levels. There’s no arguing over the office thermostat. But in other ways, remote teams are ripe for conflict.

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Virtual Team Communication: Overcoming the Lack of Face Time

Remote working offers several advantages like a flexible work schedule for employees and cost savings for employers. However, it can significantly amplify your virtual team’s communication challenges . How? While technology can help with verbal communication, a virtual work environment limits your employees’ ability to communicate via nonverbal cues like body language, facial expressions, etc.


What's new in Teamwork Q2

It's time for a roundup of the features released during Q2 2021 here at Teamwork. We had another busy, yet exciting, quarter as our product teams got to work. In case you missed any updates, check out all of the Teamwork features released over the second quarter of our year to see how each could help your business. We hope you enjoyed the new features released this last quarter, and as always, we’d love to hear your feedback.


3 ways healthtech startups are improving the patient experience

Never has the need for practical, accessible healthcare technology been more important. In the ongoing aftermath of COVID-19, healthtech startups around the world are rising to the occasion (and raising huge funding rounds) to help reimagine the healthcare industry.


Team Effort: Its Benefits, Examples and Ways to Encourage

It’s no secret that life has a way of testing us with unforeseen challenges. While it’s impossible to avoid every obstacle altogether, working as a team can make these trials far easier to overcome. When team members play off each other’s strengths, they’ll be able to function as a collective unit that’s greater than the sum of its parts. In this article, we’re going to go over some key benefits and examples of team effort. Let’s get right into it!

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What Will the Offices of the Future Look Like?

The Covid 19 pandemic has encouraged a work-from-home culture for most employees. But this can continue in the post-covid world too. Some companies may adopt a better work system called flexible work, letting employees choose their work timings and location. Workplaces that accommodate this system are the offices of the future . These offices combine the best qualities of traditional offices and remote work, like easier interaction and flexibility.


How I used Unity and Courier to Create a Notification-based Game

Hello, world! I’m Matt Graber. I just finished my undergrad at the University of Maryland. I started my game development career back in freshman year in the UMD AR club. I used to teach other students how to create augmented and virtual reality experiences with Unity, a cross-platform game engine. I also enjoy informal game jams and larger projects in Unity with fellow developer friends. Recently, I won the sponsored prize at the Bitcamp hackathon for building Package Person


Sharing Is Caring: Introducing Email Reports & Command Sharing

Fresh off the heels of some awesome Butler updates , we’re coming back at you with two new automation features that are going to make you look like the ultimate productivity team player: emails reports and command sharing. Email reports let you quickly create automated reports for important information like overdue cards, that can be shared with anyone.

What are the 5 rights of notification sending within LinkedIn's Communications team(ATC)?

In the past, each LinkedIn application team decided their notification strategy in isolation. Business logic and infrastructure sharing were limited between the teams. This resulted in a fragmented and inconsistent tech stack across LinkedIn and a less than savory member notification experience. To combat this disjointed experience, Linkedin set up a small team to build an orchestration layer, the Air-Traffic Controller (ATC). This became one of the more complex notification systems and helped Linkedin grow into the top social platform for business and networking.

How to prioritize tasks (and stop getting crushed by your workload)

If you’re overwhelmed at work, chances are it’s because you struggle to prioritize tasks. And hey, that’s okay! Prioritization is a totally underrated skill that’s rarely taught to us outright. That said, having a plan of attack for your workload can break the cycle of missed deadlines and constant stress from falling behind. This is especially true if you’re managing multiple projects and team members at once. The good news?


Prevent Security Breaches With An Effective Patch Management Solutions

Implementing security patches with the help of dedicated patch management software is easier said than done. Generally, enterprises usually employ numerous software, and keeping track of every one of them is a complex task. It costs a lot of time and money. Enterprises generally need patch management software that implements a sound patch management strategy without causing much fuss and expenditure.


6 tips for designing an effective office reopening plan

Companies across the world are thinking about reopening their office doors and welcoming their employees back when it’s safe. Too many, though, are adopting a “wait and see” strategy—that is, they’re planning to unlock their doors and wait to see which—and how many—employees show up. Companies that adopt this approach are setting themselves up for irreparable damage.

The Inextricable Link Between Value Streams and Resource Capacity Planning

During this on-demand webinar, Tasktop President and COO, Neelan Choksi, Tasktop Strategic Transformation Advisor, Danny Presten, and guest speaker, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst, Margo Visitacion, discuss why product value streams are the key to better capacity planning.

10 best sales management software for small businesses

As a company grows, its ever-expanding sales team needs a capable CRM system to keep track of prospects and customers. Sales management software is used by many salespeople to organize their contacts, manage their pipeline, and streamline workflows and organizational processes for maximum efficiency—allowing small businesses to get bigger. Before settling on one CRM platform, it’s important to carefully consider your criteria and weigh the pros and cons of the most popular options.


7 Collaborative Processes A Leader Must Follow

Collaborative processes are essential to create an organization that is on the same page and in sync with one another. A collaborative process and culture in the workplace is defined as the existence of open and free-flowing interchange of information, data, skills, and sometimes even customers and clients when necessary. It is the opposite of a “hoarding” culture, where employees feel that every man or woman is out for themselves.


How a Website Translation Company uses OneDesk for their sophisticated ticketing system and internal project management efforts

For companies that have very established workflows for their ticket and project management, it can be difficult finding the right software to properly reflect them. In certain instances where the workflows are a little less traditional, it can be even more of a challenge to ensure the right customizations are possible. When a translation company came to us with some specific use cases in mind, we knew that this would be a great test of OneDesk’s abilities.


How To Create And Promote Teamwork In The Workplace

When your employees work together as a team, they are more productive and efficient. But, the problem that many organizations are facing is that they tend to focus on individual tasks rather than tasks of a team. Due to work from home culture, effective teamwork becomes challenging for many businesses. So, for promoting teamwork in the workplace, your aim should be to make your team think as a collective unit.


How to set goals for contractors: think SMART

We all want to be successful in what we do. But to be successful, we’ve first got to define what success is– otherwise, we’re just working aimlessly. Think of it like this; you get in your car, and you start driving– with no destination in mind. Where are you going? Where will you end up? What’s the outcome going to be? Sure– you might have a nice drive. Or you might get hopelessly lost.

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How to Manage a Phased Return to Work (2021 Guide)

While the COVID-19 pandemic has changed workplace dynamics globally, many businesses are now opening back up. If you want to get your employees back to doing their full duties or working from an office, you may face a few challenges. Some employees may look forward to the change, while others may be nervous or unwilling to cooperate. A phased return to work may be the solution to this human resources dilemma.


A Sit Down with Wire CEO: The Future of Secure Messaging

Encrypted communication and collaboration app Wire claim that it is“the most secure collaboration platform.” I had heard this before, many times in fact, but had never seen any proof of this notion. One of the ways the company does this is via encrypting every message sent and received, reducing the chances of a malicious intrusion.


Coming Soon: A Brand New Sidebar And Header Navigation Experience In Trello

We are really excited to share our plans to bring a whole new header and sidebar navigation experience to Trello in the coming weeks. Why are we making these improvements? We looked at the current navigation and wanted to make it easier and faster to find the boards you needed. We also wanted to give you clarity and value in how you organize your boards in Workspaces. Why are we telling you now? Because no one needs that kind of surprise first thing in the morning.

Align, Inform, Inspire: Measuring Business Agility and SAFe with Flow Metrics

During this on-demand webinar, Scaled Agile Principal Consultant and Framework team member, Andrew Sales, and Tasktop Sr. Value Stream Architect, Lee Reid, discuss how the three measurement domains of SAFe—Outcomes, Flow, and Competency—provide a comprehensive, yet simple, model for measuring business agility at every level of the enterprise and view data from an actual product value stream to demonstrate how Flow Metrics can enable productive conversations with the business about prioritizing work, while still maintaining the taxonomy of SAFe for teams to implement and improve.

Why the customer is not always right

“The customer is always right.” If you’ve ever worked a day in the service industry, you’ve seen this slogan plastered on a break room wall. The idea was coined by a turn-of-the-century retailer, and it’s so common that many businesses make it a mandate for their customer service teams. But, like any principle, “the customer is always right” shouldn’t be taken literally.

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10 Best Team Communication Tools for Small Business

In today's modernizing environment, team members can no longer rely on one-on-one interactions with colleagues and communicating every petty information or transferring essential files via email, which can be a time-consuming process due to its etiquettes. Choosing team communication tools can be the best decision because it not only improves communication but also team productivity, collaboration, and time management.

How to Overcome Remote Work Challenges: Bitrix24 Product Talk

Manage your team, tasks, and sales effortlessly with a free online workspace from Bitrix24. Remote work is a trend that’s here to stay. Even though by now we should’ve got used to it, there are still a lot of businesses who are struggling to make it. Here in this video, we talk about the main remote work challenges that businesses are facing today, and how Bitrix24 can help you overcome them. From disrupted communications to lack of employee focus, it’s all here. Lots of useful tips, questionable humor, and some interesting revelations.

Why Performance Analysis is Crucial for Your Business

Performance analysis is an important aspect of managing any business and if done properly can help management teams use data analysis to their advantage to further business growth. The old adage “what gets measured, gets improved” isn’t quite true. What gets measured simply gives an empirical basis for improvement.


Introducing Element Voice Messages, all new VoIP, and so much more...

Hi all, We’re incredibly excited to release major new versions of Element across all three platforms, introducing Voice Messages at last as a first class citizen! Element Web/Desktop 1.8, Element iOS 1.5 and Element Android 1.2 are here today (today-ish, depending on time zones and platforms), fulfilling all your voice messaging fantasies. Grab it whilst it's hot!

Creating your first app with Zendesk App Framework (ZAF)

On Thursday, August 12th, at 11:00 am CST, the Developer Community team shared the basics of the Zendesk Apps Framework and the journey from start to finish on creating your first app! They also covered topics such as how to use the ZCLI to scaffold up your first app, use the Javascript framework Next in your Zendesk app, and how to submit your app for review!

Customer Story: CIS Agency bridged the communication gaps within their team using Zoho Projects

CIS Agency is an online marketing and web design solutions provider based in the US. Watch how they leverage Zoho Projects to collaborate effectively, keep track of all their work, identify delays and adapt to remote working with the help of our mobile application.

The ultimate list of 18 most secure messaging apps

The most secure messaging apps are becoming a priority for more and more companies. They want to enable both best communication experience to their employees and ensure the highest level of security. Why? Because organizations know how beneficial team collaboration is. At the same time, they know that their reputation and business success depend on keeping their customers and internal data private.

17 best team collaboration software to skyrocket your business in 2021

Team collaboration software market is growing stronger every day. With companies switching to hybrid work models and leaders realizing how important collaboration is, it is expected that teams will be increasingly using collaborative tools in the years to come. There are numerous examples of team collaboration software on the market. We are bringing you the list of best solutions in four categories essential for simple collaboration – regardless of where you work from!


Don't Let Data Loss Be the Demise Of Your Enterprise

It may not be the spiciest item on the agenda, but data security is the backbone of any online business. When we think of cybersecurity, we often think of major data breaches aimed at governments, hospitals, and large corporations. Yet—data loss is actually just as common—and disrupts business just the same.


Building your own KPI dashboard vs buying: Pros and Cons.

There are several approaches to creating a dashboard for sharing your most important metrics - we covered the most common ones in this article. Often the decision over which approach to take boils down to building your own (or hiring someone to build one for you) or going with an off-the-shelf KPI dashboard solution like Geckoboard. Here we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of build versus buy to help you make an informed decision as to what’s the right approach for you.

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Remote and Hybrid Contact Centers Could Be the Future of the Industry

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of contact center employees around the world to transition to a work-from-home model, technological advancements had made remote work an increasingly viable option within the industry. But while centers had some agents working from home, the overall percentages were quite low.

How to Measure Employee Productivity in Today's Workplace!

Are you worried about productivity amongst your employees? The evidence is CLEAR that employee productivity needs MASSIVE overhaul... but so does the way we measure it. During this video, You'll the to measure productivity that ACCURATELY reflects the modern day worker... ESPECIALLY remote employees.

Is Client Feedback Essential to Project Management? | Scoro

Project management might feel like an internal affair, but it’s really all about the client. Client feedback should be encouraged at every stage of the process to enable your teams to deliver the best projects. Here, we’ll take a deep dive into the role of client feedback in successful projects. We’ll explore why feedback is so important, discuss how to respond to negative feedback, and provide some best practice tips to help you collaborate more effectively with your clients.


What Makes a Great Creative Team? | Scoro

Putting your finger on exactly what makes a great creative team can be surprisingly complex. Of course, creativity is a must, but having a team full of creatives with no standardized way of working or leadership can quickly lead to chaos. In this blog post, we’re going to look at how digital agencies and businesses can harness the creativity of their teams.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

We’ve all been part of the group projects at school where we have that one ‘leader’ who decides whose ideas are interesting and dismisses the others as unamusing. In addition to our leader, we had the lazy one who did nothing but took credit for the hard work of others. Based on those past experiences, it’s no wonder why most of us dread the idea of working together with others. And yet, something incredible happens when people come together to create something new.


How Overworking Affects Productivity

Overworking reduces employees’ productivity levels, and this makes it bad for business. Research shows that there is a correlation between overworking and the productivity level of an employee. Besides, overworked employees usually perform poorly in their duties. Many studies show that workers’ productivity level is higher when they work for less than 40 hours per week instead of working more than 50 hours per week.


A Manager's Guide For Creating A Hybrid Work Schedule

I don't know if anyone's told you this lately—but you're kind of a trailblazer. Through 17 months (and counting) of this global health crisis, you have led your team through uncharted territory, slicing through the vines of virtual meeting mayhem and wading through the muck of managing a workforce you can’t even see in person. And now, you, brave soul, are tasked with paving the way once again as you prepare your team for the (at least partial) return to the office.


Nodemailer and the SaaS Paradox of Choice

Early stage companies are constantly evolving their product to fit the market they operate in. They reach customers to keep them engaged using a high magnitude vector that contributes to their success. Architecting the communications strategy for your product thus becomes an important problem to tackle, which in turn can cause second-order effects like having to trade off the speed of product development iterations.

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Back to Work Checklist: Making Your Office Safe from COVID-19

With COVID-19 restrictions slowly easing in several parts of the world, many businesses are preparing to welcome employees back into the office. However, you first need to ensure your workplace is well-equipped to tackle the several challenges brought by the pandemic. And for that, you need a back to work checklist. Creating and implementing a well-thought-out checklist will ensure you’ve considered every challenge and prepared for any possibility.


August 2021 Version Update: Gantt Chart Improvements | Scoro

When managing projects with Scoro, there’s really nothing you Gantt do (was that too much?). With this update, we took our users’ feedback on board, improving the Gantt chart even further and tweaking the chart usability to fit various workflows. See what we’ve been up to.


Your Productivity Metrics Are Outdated: How to Assess Employee Output in 2021 and Beyond

Continued Coronavirus uncertainty and employee preferences are delaying in-person returns to the office, making long-term workplace disruption an inevitable part of today’s business environment. According to Gartner, 82 percent of company leaders plan to allow people to work remotely at least part of the time moving forward.

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New Ways of Working for Modern Organizations (2021 Guide)

The future of work is here, and many businesses are now adopting new ways of working. Why? We have moved on from the industrial age to the age of technology. The new generation of employees prefers a digital workplace that uses advanced technology and allows them a certain degree of autonomy. Additionally, the Covid 19 pandemic has made it even more critical for companies to adopt new working systems that help them survive and grow in an ever-changing business environment.


Understanding project deliverables: A complete breakdown with examples

There’s no denying the key role project deliverables play in completing projects on time, on budget, and with minimal friction. They help set stakeholder expectations, instruct your team members, and provide you with a step-by-step action plan for achieving your project’s goals. When you consider their wide-reaching implications, it becomes clear that you can’t afford to coast by with only a surface-level understanding of these critical project elements.


Digital-first customer service - it's good for customers and the bottom line

The way customers expect to interact with businesses has changed. Service has moved from customers calling at the first sign of trouble to wanting to communicate with businesses on more convenient digital channels they’re already using in their personal lives—email, live chat, and messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Customers also expect support to be available 24/7 via self-service and AI solutions such as chatbots.


Risk Management Transformation

Risk managers are facing possibly their biggest challenge in these pandemics hit times. Increasing regulatory pressures, complex demand from remote worker management, aligned with previously unseen volumes of data. This perfect storm of circumstances is driven by the complexity and demands of risk management, each with their own unique compliance and regulatory challenges. Across all sectors, radical transformation is required to address increasing internal and external challenges.


[Webinar Recap] Trends transforming employee experience and company brand in 2021

As organizations reimagine the future of work and the hybrid workplace, the employee digital experience will emerge as a key component to maintaining company culture. The past year has led companies to create experiences for their employees that are personalized, engaging and built on connections with a source of truth.


Building an Integration? Here's When to Use Apps instead of Plugins

In the last few months, we have been working on a new Apps framework for developers. The idea behind this framework is to make it easier for more developers to integrate external applications or their own applications into Mattermost. But wait a moment, don’t we have Plugins for that? Yes, but Apps provide some advantages to developers over Plugins.

Zoho Projects

Hierarchy of Needs: Product Management Edition

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a motivational theory in psychology outlining a five-tier model of human needs as hierarchical levels within a pyramid. Maslow posited that human needs are hierarchical and that his pyramid lists the needs from most basic to the least basic. So, according to Maslow, one would start at the bottom and only when one's needs at that level are satisfied would one think about the next higher level.


How to Set Up a Content Workflow Management System for your Team

For any online business to scale via organic means content marketing and a content workflow management process are crucial for creating growth workflows that every digital business should be starting with. Do we still need to remind ourselves of the value of content creation? Hopefully Not! I believe you create content on a weekly or monthly basis and you know the value of content.


Do You Know SAM?

Software asset management (SAM) is an important part of your ITSM toolkit. According to an industry-wide report, the SAM market is estimated to expand to USD 3.82 Billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 14%. This number alone underscores its importance to the overall ITSM operations within an organization. Investments in SAM, today will translate to better efficiency and customer satisfaction in the long run.


How to write an actionable bug report (free template to get started)

We can all agree bugs are a problem. They affect your customers' experience with your software and pose a real threat to your profitability. Unaddressed, bugs make people stop using your products, uninstall your apps, and force customers to look at your competitors for solutions. That's why it’s vital that you have a reliable process for handling bugs in your software.


Boost Your Leadership Skills With The Feynman Technique

Have you ever wanted to become an expert in something but didn’t know the right approach? Or perhaps you’ve got an exam coming up and you need to make sure you’re crystal clear on the content? Being able to understand concepts and communicate them clearly is essential, no matter what you’re doing. As a leader, it’s important to be able to grow and share knowledge with those around you. But sometimes it’s overwhelming to think about really learning a subject.


How to Maximize Your Zendesk Knowledge Base with AI (Updated August 2021)

The modern customer wants self-service. That’s why, over the past few years, we’ve seen companies build out robust Knowledge Bases (or Help Centers) on Zendesk and other leading customer experience platforms. Zendesk Knowledge Base solutions are team publishing libraries covering recurring topics and questions on products and services. Another way that companies provide self-serve support options is by launching customer service chatbots.


Customer Service KPI Metrics: Everything You Need to Know in 2021, Explained

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a special set of metrics that help determine whether business is going in the right or wrong direction. At first glance, it seems that customer service KPI scores take a backseat to traditional business KPIs, like profits, costs and regional sales. However, key customer support metrics may paint a more complete picture of success for the long-term viability of a business.


8 Easy And Doable Tips To Increase Productivity At Work

The world of work has come a long way in the last year. And it feels nothing like what we’d expected. No 9 to 5 workday, no desk in a tower—Today’s work culture has locked our personal and professional life under one roof. Now, we don’t mind the change as such. Companies that earlier couldn’t imagine adopting remote work are thriving under the new circumstances.


5 simple ways to boost knowledge sharing in your organization

Knowledge sharing within an agency has never been easier—as long as you have the tools and the will to tell others what you know. The problem is that research shows more information generally leads to less knowledge sharing within a team. A phenomenon called “knowledge hoarding” may be to blame, or something less sinister, like employees not having the necessary tools to share what they know. So, what does that mean for your workplace?


How Tracking Work Time Saves Money

The ultimate goal of every business is to earn a profit every month. This mainly includes saving money through the company policies, workflow, and processes. These days, one of the best ways to save on company expenses is by tracking employees’ work time. You can invest in time tracking software to track the employees’ workflow, as time tracking saves money. Time tracker is helpful for anyone, from an individual to a business owner.

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Why Organizations Need Digital Dexterity in 2021

Digital dexterity refers to the practice of adapting to emerging technologies and new digital solutions. It helps organizations improve their business strategy, meet their growing customer demands, and boost workforce productivity. Naturally, it’s fundamental to the process of continued success, helping organizations survive and thrive in an ever-changing technological landscape.

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Customer Sentiment: Examining the Most Important Quality KPI for Contact Centers

Customer sentiment is quickly becoming one of the most important metrics for any contact center to track. It helps contact centers better understand the opinions and emotions of their customers so that they can improve their processes and provide a better customer experience. It can also help uncover major issues outside of the contact center so that they can be fixed, taking pressure off of the contact center and its agents.


SMS Customer Service and SMS Chatbot Strategies (Updated August 2021)

We’re a society of texters: 8.5 billion text messages1 are sent in the United States every day. On a personal level, it’s about 26 sms messages, per person, per day. With that much volume, if your business does not have an SMS customer service strategy – powered by SMS chatbots – it’s obvious that opportunity is passing you by. Even as texting is an inherent part of our daily lives, companies have historically shied away from providing customer support via text.


Productive Processes and Profit Begins at Home!

In this age of 24/7 Client focus, it is easy for Practice Management to lose sight of the fundamentally important job of looking for internal systematic operating process bottlenecks. In many cases hidden away in the business, there are functions that remain supported primarily by a mixture of seemingly permanent ‘temporary Shadow Systems" such as spreadsheets and shared drives, all supported by manually driven processes.


Scoro Launches Work Management Platform in German

Today, we’re excited to announce that Scoro is now available in German. As with other language options in Scoro, the German translation is available to both new and existing customers anywhere in the world. German isn’t the only language we’ve added to Scoro in the past year. Clients in 60+ countries trust Scoro on a daily basis, so we feel it’s important to support multiple languages.


2 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Improve Team Engagement and Get Better Business Results

Organizations often struggle to balance top-down direction vs. team autonomy. Too much top-down directive and teams can quickly feel micromanaged, becoming discouraged and disengaged. Leaders, meanwhile, struggle to allow complete autonomy, fearing the sheer increase in variation between tools, processes and practices will make it impossible to collaborate and manage products across the organization.


7 sales dashboard examples to visualize your metrics and KPIs

It’s tough to keep any sales team motivated, but it’s especially difficult for remote teams. Reps can’t thrive off each other’s energy or engage in friendly competition, so you need an alternative for keeping everyone focused on your targets. A sales dashboard gives you an overview of your team’s performance and keeps everyone motivated by showing progress toward your targets – even if you’re not all in the same office.


How Trello Enterprise Supports Teams Company-Wide

For any company with lofty growth goals, it can be exciting to watch your workforce expand across offices, cities, and even continents. But, as with any major workplace shift, scaling can also bring growing pains with it—especially when companies are distributed. As organizations grow in the cloud, so do their digital footprints, with the average large company today using over 175 apps across its different teams, according to a 2020 study by Okta.


Teamwork Project Management (Key Statistics)

Teamwork project management is critical to the success of your organization. If you have the right project management tools in place, these will give your team a strategic advantage. A team can only ever be as good as the tools it utilizes. Organizations committed to delivering incredible customer experiences are actively investing in teamwork project management solutions.


Top 7 Tips to Prevent Employee Burnout for Remote Workers

The concept of burnout isn’t new. But with more employees working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s certainly becoming more apparent. 38% of remote workers say that burnout has worsened throughout the pandemic. And it doesn’t just affect remote workers. A recent study by StuDocu discovered that 7 out of 10 students experienced a decline in their mental health. So it’s clear that the pandemic is impacting the well-being of people all around the world.

troop messenger

12 Essential Cybersecurity Practices for Remote Teams in 2021

You’ve hired your remote team, scheduled your projects, and planned your workflows. You’ve heard security terms like virtual private network and Internet of Things, but you’re not quite sure what they mean or what to do about them. You’ve had virus protection software on your devices before, but you’re pretty sure it’s expired by now. The last to do on your list is setting up a cybersecurity plan, but you’re not sure where to start.


Our Slack integration just got a whole lot better! Here's how you can make the most of our brand new features

Slack is undoubtedly one of our most popular integrations to date. With that in mind, we’ve implemented some of your suggestions to improve your experience using Slack with Teamwork and we think Version 2 of this integration will be a game-changer.


Best Customer Service Software For Your Business

When you have access to the best customer service software, you can enhance the overall customer experience and deliver greater levels of customer satisfaction. Customer service software can help to bridge the gap between customer expectations and your existing workflow. If you’re committed to delivering incredible experiences, you must invest in the right tools. 90% of Americans use customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with a company.


Why Software Accessibility Matters

Making sure your software and its documentation is accessible is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do—and it’s actually not that difficult. An accessible product is as usable as possible for everyone, regardless of their physical and cognitive abilities. For example, blind people should be able access your documentation with a screen reader, and neurologically atypical people shouldn’t be distracted by flashing screens, pop-ups, or carousels.


How To Maintain Psychological Safety In A Hybrid Workplace

Psychological safety in the workplace isn’t a topic you should sleep on—let’s explore the reasons why. For starters, the majority of people practice general safety naturally on a daily basis. 🛒 We lock our cars in the grocery store parking lot. 📱 We password protect our phones, laptops, Wi-Fi networks, etc. 🤝 We maintain close friendships with people that we trust.


What is brand evangelism and how can you inspire it?

What is brand evangelism? Brand evangelism looks like customers standing in line for hours to buy an iPhone (even when they have a perfectly good one from last year). It’s people talking and posting about their Apple products, Lululemon pants, or Patagonia outdoor gear as aspects of their personalities and identities—the way some people talk about their favorite team or musical group.

Architecting Your Customer Notification Strategy w/ Sandor Nyako

In the past, each LinkedIn application team decided their notification strategy in isolation. Business logic and infrastructure sharing were limited between the teams. This resulted in a fragmented and inconsistent tech stack across LinkedIn and a less than savory member notification experience. To combat this disjointed experience, Linkedin set up a small team to build an orchestration layer, the Air-Traffic Controller (ATC). This became one of the more complex notification systems, and helped Linkedin grow into the top social platform for business and networking.

Productivity & Privacy: Why Tracking One Doesn't Have to Impede on the Other

Last year’s rapid and sometimes erratic transition to remote work left many businesses looking for new ways to understand employee behavior when working from home. According to a survey of 2,000 employers offering remote or hybrid work, 78 percent deployed employee monitoring software to track worker behavior in the past six months. As businesses emerge from the recent pandemic, it’s clear that some things will not return to business as usual.


Elevating team collaboration with Miro and Google Workspace

Imagine a typical day at work that starts with checking Google Calendar to prepare for where you need to be and when. With engaging discussions, your teams create Google Docs to take notes on the important decisions coming out of the meetings and begin writing briefs to kick off your company’s next big project. Then you turn to Sheets to track the KPIs and leverage Slides to prepare the final presentation for your executive leadership by 4pm that day.


7 charts Asana customers love to use for real-time insights

Do you ever feel like you’re missing information about your team’s work? You know tasks are being completed and that work is getting done—but don’t know if your team is operating in an efficient and sustainable way. With Universal Reporting, you get real-time insight into the state of your team’s work and know what actions to take, like requesting more budget, adding headcount, or redistributing work.

How To Better Serve Your Customer by Prakash Ramamurthy, CPO, Freshworks

Prakash Ramamurthy CPO, Freshworks) and Micah Solomon (best-selling author, Senior Contributor to Forbes) sit down to discuss the pillars of developing end-user-focused solutions and how talking to customers helps build better products to delight their customers and employees. One key trend emerged across the CX and EX verticals with the pandemic: the shift to digital. We’re driven to help our customers attain digital transformation from a customer and employee experience perspective, says Prakash.

3 essential customer service tips that SaaS startups need to know

“Is SaaS the next big thing?” asked Eric Knorr in a piece for InfoWorld. The year was 2006. It was the year Amazon launched AWS, and Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie topped the charts. The aftermath of the burst dot com bubble left a sour taste in investors’ mouths. Still, a new generation of enterprises was offering something that had already been revolutionizing tech: Software on demand, centrally hosted in the cloud and subscription-based.


5 types of consumer insights that can boost your business (+ how to use them)

Operating as a business without consumer insights is like working in a library without knowing how to read. Just because you come across a lot of information doesn’t mean you necessarily understand it or know how to use it effectively. While any company can uncover customer insights, not every business is taking the opportunity to do so—potentially stifling their growth and their revenue in the long run.

Architecting Your Customer Notification Strategy w/ Sandor Nyako | LinkedIn Engineering

In the past, each LinkedIn application team decided their notification strategy in isolation. Business logic and infrastructure sharing were limited between the teams. This resulted in a fragmented and inconsistent tech stack across LinkedIn and a less than savory member notification experience. To combat this disjointed experience, Linkedin set up a small team to build an orchestration layer, the Air-Traffic Controller (ATC). This became one of the more complex notification systems and helped Linkedin grow into the top social platform for business and networking.
Buddy Punch

Best Cloud-Based Time Clock Software (In-Depth Look)

As we’ve previously written, old-fashioned employee time tracking methods such as paper timecards or Excel come with several downsides. First, the payroll process is time consuming and error prone, as you have to manually tally hours and overtime. Second, you don’t know if your employees are in fact on the job when they’re punching in, rather than a coworker (and those extra minutes or hours that employees report working can lead to a significant waste of money).

Buddy Punch

Why We Built a Time Clock Software for QuickBooks & How It Works

Buddy Punch is an employee time tracking software where employees can punch in and out, and then all of the information needed for payroll (i.e. regular hours worked, paid time off, overtime, etc.) is automatically calculated and available in a payroll report. It’s easily accessible and takes just a few clicks to download (CSV, Excel).

Buddy Punch

In-Depth Comparison of 4 Homebase Alternatives

In the eight years we’ve run Buddy Punch, we’ve had countless conversations with businesses about the challenges they faced when tracking time for their employees using traditional methods (i.e. paper time cards and timesheets, Excel spreadsheets, etc.). From those conversations, we’ve gathered that most businesses run into the same three problems: Turning to an employee time tracking and scheduling software can help you solve these specific challenges.


Science-Backed Productivity Playlists To Help You Dive Into Deep Work

Does Mozart really make you smart? Can turning up the beat turn up your productivity? The truth, as it turns out, is complicated. To get to the bottom of this deep work dilemma, I pored over the research on which sounds are best for productivity, busting through myths and curating the best tracks for each genre. So fire up your laptop and plug in your headphones as we find your next favorite productivity playlist.

OneDesk - Get Started: Archiving Tickets & Tasks

In OneDesk, you can archive tickets and tasks manually or with automation. 00:00 Archiving Manually1:48 Archiving Automatically OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

Just Get In the Water! The Right Metrics To Help Your Value Stream Management Journey Swim

“Coach, we’re not ready”, was what we kept saying, just a bunch of lowly high school rookie swimmers on our bus ride to the season’s first meet, the regional swimming invitationals. “Our times aren’t any good, we miss turns all the time, our goggles keep falling off on our starts”. We had tons of reasons but, underlying it all, was our fear of total embarrassment and failure.


What is RCS messaging, and how can it improve the customer experience?

Your phone buzzes one Saturday afternoon. It’s a text message from an unknown number noting that there’s a big sale at one of your favorite stores. No pictures. No branding. Just a spammy-looking URL you’re told to click on to view more details. Now imagine getting that same text message, but this time, it’s a little different: It features clear and recognizable branding.


Why you shouldn't be afraid to use project management software for HR

The human resources department is basically the backbone of a business. They hire new recruits, manage employee requests, onboard new employees, and ensure every department is working well together. But, with so many tasks to juggle, things can quickly become chaotic and HR projects can slip through the cracks. Luckily, there’s a solution: project management for HR.


Automate EKS Node Rotation for AMI Releases

In the daily life of a Site Reliability Engineer, the main goal is to reduce all the work we call toil. But what is toil? Toil is the kind of work tied to running a production service that tends to be manual, repetitive, automatable, tactical, devoid of enduring value, and scales linearly as a service grows. This blog post describes our journey to automate our nodes rotation process when we have a new AMI release and the open source tools we built on this.

time doctor

How to Improve Productivity and Performance with Time Doctor's Web & App Usage Report

Time Doctor customers have access to more than 5 different analytic reports that provide companies with workday insights and analytics spanning many different areas of their business operations. Our reports were designed to provide our customers with actionable insights in an easy and digestible way so that they can quickly make improvements. One of our most popular reports is the Web & App Usage report.


What Does Y=f(X) Mean Regarding Project Management?

Y=f(x) is a common principle used when managing projects. Given its complexity I figured to put together an all inclusive guide for project management professionals at any stage to understand how to us Y=f(X) and how to implement it properly in Nifty. There are two types of people in the world regarding brain functionality; right-brained and left-brained. This notion implies that one side of their brain is dominant.

Messaging apps: 8 most important security features to look for

Messaging apps security is, along with other security concerns, one of the biggest must-haves when it comes to digital transformation. As workplaces move from the physical world into a digital one, employers are looking to ensure highest security standards while fostering the culture of collaboration. However, there are some challenges they encounter along the way.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Linking Items

OneDesk lets you create links between tickets and tasks. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Task Dependencies

OneDesk lets you establish task dependencies with successor and predecessor links. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Auto-Triage Customer Requests

OneDesk helps you to auto-triage incoming customer requests. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

6 ways to improve client communication with your agency

Without clients, an agency is nothing. That's why client communication is so important—it's a bridge between you and your clients. Great communication builds relationships and trust and can turn clients into lifelong advocates for your agency. With studies showing 70% of customers tie their experiences with businesses to how they’re treated, it’s obvious that agencies should be looking for ways to make every interaction count.

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6 Remote Workforce Management Software (Definition +Tips + Examples)

Every employee working remotely for half the year can save at least $11,000 per year, according to a study conducted by Global Workplace Analytics. That emptying figure could be one of the reasons why some businesses have shifted to a remote mode of working. But here’s a sad truth: Remote teams are hard to get right!


The Top 11 Help Desk Software Platforms In 2021 [Features, Pricing, and More]

The support tech stack has undergone a significant shift since the early 2000s. The backbone of a support organization today is having one of the best help desk software solutions. In today’s business environment, a help desk is a powerful platform that streamlines the entire support process.

10 Internal Communications Best Practices During COVID-19

COVID-19 changed how companies communicate with their employees overnight. Many changes came out of necessity and a lot of the changes are still inflight. But we do know this: organizations are rewriting internal communication best practices as we speak. Simpplr Research interviewed customers and communication leaders to understand how changes are constantly evolving. In this eBook, we've highlighted 10 emerging best practices that are helping companies manage their crisis communication, keep their distributed employees connected, and make the most of this unprecedented situation.

Survey Results: State of Internal Communications During COVID-19

This year's internal communications report is twofold: the annual State of Internal Communications 2020 and the State of Internal Communications, COVID-19 edition. COVID-19 has disrupted the norms of most organizations in operations and in communications. Simpplr Research surveyed over 600 participants to learn how IC has evolved and adapted to the new working environment and how organizations plan to transition employees back to the workforce.