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June 2021

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6 Ways to Support a Remote DevOps Team

Remote working is here to stay, so it's vital that businesses understand how to get the best out of their staff. For some roles, working remotely is easier than others - DevOps employees, for example, can face challenges if they're not fully supported within the organisation. In a distributed workforce, there's a higher risk of security issues and application problems, so it's crucial that organisations support them to keep the organisation running smoothly. Here are 6 ways to do just that.

Automation in Customer Service: Finding the best balance between humans & technology

There is a push to automate everything, but is this the best way forward? The financial case for automation in customer service to lower your costs is clear but this shouldn’t be the only consideration. You also need to assess the impact that a service or helpdesk automation will have on your business, your employees and your customers. If done without putting the customer first, your automation in customer service might be perceived as impersonal.


How to get leaders to understand the culture and attitude behind ITSM & DevOps? 

Ah, the good old days! As a leader that benefits from technology, you remember the days of: Oh, wait! Good old days? What am I thinking? Those days were terrible! Then COVID19 hit and, miraculously, our IT department was regarded as heroes as they moved us online within a couple of weeks. Further, their interest in helping us utilize technology to improve the way we worked was outstanding, keeping us competitive, compliant and sustainable. What changed?

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15 Key Outbound Call Center Metrics to Track in 2021

Outbound call center managers must ensure that all operations are constantly optimized to run at maximum efficiency. However, to improve something, you need to measure it first. And you can do this by tracking outbound call center metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). But with hundreds of metrics out there, which ones should you track? In this article, we’ll cover 15 essential metrics that you can track to improve agent efficiency and call center profitability.

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Top 11 Call Centers Best Practices You Should Implement Today

The call center industry is highly competitive, with each company striving to keep customers satisfied. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to implement call centers best practices. These practices help you streamline your operations, increase productivity, deliver the best service and customer experience. In this article, we will cover eleven best practices you should implement in your call center today.


How Small Businesses Use Employee Monitoring to Build Trust with Remote Teams and Boost Performance

When you think of employee monitoring, your brain may initially jump to large, controlling corporations patrolling their thousands of workers. In reality, this idea is simply a myth, as small businesses can use employee monitoring to build trust amongst their remote teams, boost productivity, increase operational efficiency and benefit employees in multiple ways.


How sophisticated is employee monitoring at technology companies?

Be it convenience or the pandemic; remote working has become a prevalent part of technology companies. Most organizations consider remote working to be new, practical, and budget-friendly. However, companies often wonder if it’s sophisticated to monitor their employees for work efficiency. If yes, then how? Today, we will cover the same topic through our article.

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Tips and Tools to Create Effective Call Center Dashboards

All call centers strive to keep their customers happy and operations profitable. And they do this by tracking relevant call center data like metrics and KPIs (key performance indicator). Call center dashboards are visual reporting tools that use powerful analytics features to help you monitor these key metrics. They help you gain actionable insights to make the right decisions.


10 guiding principles of energizing virtual facilitation

Is there really a need to write another article about improving virtual events? It is more than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, so it is safe to say that most of us have likely had our fill of virtual events. Whether running a virtual session or contributing to one, we have all earned our merit badges for learning the ins and outs of a myriad of video conferencing, persistent chat, instant messaging, and live virtual collaboration tools.


An Internal HelpDesk switches to OneDesk from Freshdesk

In comparing different helpdesk tools and software, there are a number of similarities that start to surface. For one, the concept of a ticketing system overwhelmingly serves as the backbone for such tools. Oftentimes, companies that provide this service focus on building out their helpdesk tool to follow the standard flow of work: a request comes in as a ticket, work begins, and then the work is completed.


The three elements of a security-first architecture

The upheaval of this past year has revealed how vulnerable global systems are to cybercriminals and bad actors. Cyberattacks have surged, with a reported 400% increase in attacks since the pandemic, and a 278% increase in leaked U.S. government records. However, cyberattacks didn’t just increase in terms of volume, they also grew in scale, potency and wide impact, particularly in the public sector.


Top 10 Customer Service Technology Trends to Follow in 2021 [Infographic]

In the year 2021, customer service is facing some newer trends. The customer support agents replaced the older contact system with live chat, SMS, and social media through which you can easily connect with the support agents. Video chat is another such popular trend through which you can resolve your customer queries and guide them in real-time by providing accurate information about the services.


Looking forward to the next big Mattermost product milestone: Mattermost v6.0

The Mattermost team is actively working on our next major product release: Mattermost v6.0 is shipping this fall. That’s right around the corner! In advance of the release, we’d like to communicate some specifics on select features being promoted from beta to generally available and upcoming deprecations. We would also like to share a glimpse of what’s coming.

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How to Perform Call Center Benchmarking (Step-by-Step Guide)

If you want to know how your call center is really performing compared to your competitors, call center benchmarking can help. Benchmarking involves measuring your call center against global standards to analyze its performance. You’ll be able to identify what areas you need to improve on and take the required steps to boost performance. In this article, we’ll explain what call center benchmarking is and provide a step-by-step guide for it.


12 Tips for Creating a Successful Project Implementation Plan

Every project is different and requires a unique planning and project implementation plan. And since 11.4% of business investment is wasted because of poor project planning, companies need to ensure that their project planning and management are strategic and efficient. A Project implementation plan is a critical component of project management that focuses on documenting how you’ll go about a project.

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What is Call Center Stress and How to Manage it (2021 Guide)

Call center work can be demanding, especially for a customer service agent. They have to handle several calls, resolve customer issues, meet targets, and more — while ensuring high customer satisfaction levels. This can create stressful situations, which negatively impact agent productivity. Fortunately, there are several effective ways to deal with call center stress. In this article, we’ll cover what call center stress is and six common stressors.

OneDesk - Customer Management

OneDesk lets you manage your customers through a CRM application. Modify the types of customers, their details, add custom fields and group them by their organizations to suit your workflow. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.
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15 Important Inbound Call Center Metrics You Should Track Today

An inbound call center acts as the link between the customer and the company by handling incoming live calls for customer service. That’s why it’s necessary to ensure that your call center agents perform well on all calls. A good way to do this is to measure their performance regularly using certain inbound call center metrics. In this article, we’ll discuss fifteen inbound metrics that can give you insights into your call center’s performance.


No More Copy-Paste: Using Trello To Automate Repetitive Workflows

Are your keyboard’s “c” and “v” keys looking worn down? Copying and pasting information is as common to modern work as having too many tabs open or having a cluttered email inbox. It’s another example of a manual process that we’ve just accepted as part of the job. You take information from over here and paste it over there. Progress updates. Feedback. Tasks. Notes. Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V. Rinse. Repeat.


Workflow optimization: 7 ways to streamline your systems to get more done

Is your workflow actually working for you and your coworkers? Finding the answer doesn’t have to mean missed deadlines or overblown projects. Instead, you need to be proactive by putting your processes under a microscope. Enter workflow optimization. Listen: just because you have workflows in place doesn’t mean they’re efficient. Chances are there are plenty of bottlenecks, disruptions, and opportunities to streamline your processes you’re not 100% aware of.

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Employee Time Tracking Using Excel Spreadsheets: Templates, Downsides & Alternatives

In this article, we’ll share several Excel time tracking templates (i.e. weekly, biweekly, and monthly timesheets) that you can use to track employee hours and calculate payroll. That said, tracking time using Microsoft Excel comes with downsides, namely the fact that Excel does not solve for: In this post, we’ll share several useful Excel time tracking templates.

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How to Hire an Operations Manager

Operations managers are the linchpin between the company's internal and external operations. They oversee what goes on with internal stakeholders and take appropriate actions to ensure everything works perfectly in the outside world, i.e., with customers, investors, shareholders, etc. Hiring for this role can be challenging, especially with the high competition for top-level talent. So we've rounded up some tips to help you out with the hiring process.
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Call Center in the USA: Service Providers, Types, Pros, Cons

Whether you’re a large business or a startup, working with a call center in USA can help improve your customer service. Sure, it may not be as cheap as other foreign locations like India or the Philippines. But from strict data security measures to better communication, call centers in the USA offer several benefits to businesses. In this article, we’ll highlight three top call center providers in the USA.


Tips For Handling Stress in Your Remote Team

More than ever before, employees are working remotely as work-from-home culture becomes the norm due to global conditions. Though things will eventually shift back to in-person work, remote work has gained a firm and likely permanent foothold moving forward. Managing a remote team has a number of stark differences from managing in-person work, and one of the hardest things to address among your employees is stress.


3 Essential Project Management Tools to Boost Your Productivity

The pandemic has obviously changed the way we work. Most of us are still working from home until today. Thanks to the internet and technology, though, we can get our individual work and team projects are done seamlessly – no matter how far the distance between us and our coworkers. That might seem impossible without the help of project management tools. Today, project management tools are popular more than ever.


8 project management books that absolutely belong in your library

To stay at the top of their games, project managers must constantly evolve and learn about new trends and techniques within the industry. There are a ton of online courses and classes you can take to do this. But another resource that will keep your skills sharp is project management books. 📖 Books are a great way for project managers to go deep on planning, product design, marketing, and growth to improve their work.


Learn Miro basics with new template pack

Facilitators and champions who onboard new Miro users can take advantage of our new How-to templates available in the Building Blocks section. Each template includes an image showing where to find the tool, a short gif demonstrating the tool in use, and an exercise to try it out. Feel free to use the templates when organizing workshops and meetings.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Project Agile Management

In OneDesk, we support both the traditional and Agile approaches to project management. Here are some of OneDesk’s features that are designed to help you manage your projects using the Agile methodology. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.
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How to Run Effective Call Center Campaigns (Types, Pros)

While handling numerous calls and improving customer service continuously sounds like a good call center strategy, it lacks a definitive goal. That’s why you need call center campaigns that help you conduct focused activities based on defined milestones. In this article, we’ll cover what call center campaigns are, their two types, and their key benefits. We’ll also go over seven effective tips to help you run a campaign with ease.


Improve Operational Efficiency (5 Tips & Tricks)

Do you know how to improve operational efficiency in your organization? As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, you should aim to hit the ground running with an organization-wide productivity drive. A decline in productivity has been a key concern for many operating remotely during the pandemic. With employees entering back into the workplace, it is time to start examining ways to improve operational efficiency.


Customer service vs. customer experience: Here's the difference

You’re at your desk when you overhear two fellow support agents debating the difference between customer service and customer experience. They ask you for your take, and your palms turn sweaty—you have no idea how they’re different. Many support agents use customer experience and customer service interchangeably, but the two terms do not mean the same thing. Understanding the difference between them is critical. Why?

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The 2021 Guide to Omnichannel Contact Centers

Today customers value convenience. They want to interact with companies using their preferred channels, such as social media, phone calls, email, or live chat. And that’s where an omnichannel contact center comes into the picture. An omnichannel contact center can integrate multiple communication channels into a single platform for efficient customer service. With features like quality management and omnichannel routing, you can streamline the customer experience with ease.

Streamline your customer service with Rocket.Chat's new Twitter app

In today’s fast-paced world, companies must be able to provide support where their customers are. With over 187 million daily active users, Twitter is undoubtedly one of the social media channels where companies must be present and available. To help businesses offer a direct communication line with Twitter users, we’re glad to introduce Rocket.Chat’s new Twitter integration.


Engaging & Empowering Managers As Strategic Business Partners With Trello Enterprise

Over the past few years, companies of all sizes have increasingly made the move to more agile and “flat” operational structures—cutting out layers of middle management in favor of a shorter chain of command, more transparent communication, and increased efficiency. However, companies’ issues with mid-level managers often result from overlooking and underusing them.

Chanty Kanban board feature

Meet our Kanban board view feature! Now Chanty users are able to create tasks, assign them, manage their statuses, set deadlines, and much more! All in one place! This task management feature empowers teams to work more productively and efficiently. No more lost work missed deadlines and non-collaborative teams. Try it today and make your work process better with Chanty! Task management has never been easier.
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7 Tips and 5 Tools to Succeed at Virtual Sales

According to the Harvard Business Review, Covid-19 has made the sales leaders, managers, and salespeople more receptive to change. The pandemic has forced sales managers to regroup and ask important questions such as: In this article, we will cover all this and more so that you can sell smart, remotely. Let’s jump right in.


How to run engaging and productive stand-up meetings every time

How many hours should you be standing at work per day? Experts recommend standing anywhere from two to four hours while at work. A daily stand-up meeting will only net you around 15 minutes of that time, but it has loads of other benefits. If you’re new to stand-up meetings or looking to freshen things up, take a look at this free Miroverse template and eyeball the following tips to hack into a better (or new) stand-up meeting experience, whether in the office or remote.


Wanted: FOMO. "Fear of Missing Out" Keeps Killing Productivity

What is FOMO? And why is it so important? Well, it’s one of the most popular syndromes of the 21st century – the fear of missing out. More than half of social media users are experiencing FOMO. They are continuously afraid of missing something – an event, news, any office activity or the promise of cake in the break room. According to a recent study, 51% of people said that they log into social media more frequently than just 2 years ago.


Introducing Delighted for Teamwork Desk - Have full visibility of customer feedback at your fingertips

Data is one of the most valuable assets to an organization and wielding the right data can be particularly impactful to understand what your customers think about you. While understanding customer experience is integral for any business to remain profitable, we may not always have the right tools at hand to keep up with this information. Did you know that 77% of consumers prefer brands who collect and apply customer feedback?


QuickBooks Integration App

Did you know that you can synchronize data between QuickBooks and Bitrix24? QuickBooks Integration App will help you with that. If company and contact details or invoices are modified in QuickBooks, the app will automatically implement changes in Bitrix24. All changes in Bitrix24 company and contact details will be automatically synchronized with QuickBooks.

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Remote Employee Engagement: How To Keep Your Team Inspired

Over the past year, many companies have noticed that working remotely isn’t quite like working in the office. Remote employee engagement is more important now than ever before because working from home introduces new distractions and detachment. Remote employee engagement is complex, but far from impossible. In this post, we’ll dive into what remote employee engagement actually looks like. We will also cover how you can leverage it to strengthen your remote team.

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Coffee or Tea: Which One Is Boosting or Sabotaging Your Productivity?

Warm, caffeinated beverages have become a staple accompaniment to worker’s lives all over the world. With the move to working remotely, many people’s routines may have changed. But it’s almost guaranteed that their beverage consumption hasn’t. Whether you prefer coffee or tea, chances are you are one of the millions who claim they can’t get through a full day of work without a sizable dose of caffeine in your system.

Product Hunt Launch | Troy Goode | | Wuphf 2.0

The rest of the Courier team and I have been building an exciting new way to design, send, and monitor all of your app's user notifications. As you may have heard in my video above, we understand that notifications are difficult to get right. So much so that most of us aren't excited about receiving many of them.

Unlock data to improve team efficiency with Universal Reporting

In today’s world of big data, we have incredible amounts of information. How many people saw a particular ad and how many proceeded to click? Which campaigns brought in the most pipeline and what percentage of those deals closed? Through data, we can find the answers to all of these questions. Yet, with all the dashboards, spreadsheets, and analysts we have at our fingertips, one question is difficult to answer: How well is your team working towards achieving their goals?


The Most Common Project Blockers And Ways To Eliminate Them

Picture this: You’ve brought a project to the finish line and mere days before launch, a new stakeholder comes into the fold at a final project meeting. You know where this is headed because you’ve been here before. They don’t like the direction, so back to the drawing board you go. Project blockers come in all shapes and shapes sizes. Whatever the cause, they all have the same negative and potentially risky effect: a delay or full stop to delivery.

Why is Customer Sentiment More Valuable Than NPS and CSAT?

When you talk about measuring customer experience, which one is the best? Thoma Laird explains why customer sentiment is a more valuable metric than NPS or CSAT. It might be one of the most important metrics that any call center can track. Watch the full video to find out why!

OneDesk - Getting Started: Project Management

With OneDesk’s Project Management features, you can optimize your team management, project management, and portfolio management. You can also plan and schedule projects, and more. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

5 insights from leaders transitioning teams back to the office

For many people, the shift to working from home meant finding new ways to work. In person meetings morphed into videoconferences. Events went virtual. And remote teams found new avenues to communicate, collaborate, support each other — and get all the work done, too. With pandemic conditions now improving in most of the world, many companies are exploring the best ways to transition workers from home back to the office.


Workflow Automation: What, Why and How Businesses Automate Everyday Tasks

Automation has become a business imperative. With the demand to cut down on costs and do more with less, businesses are obviously turning to automate simple repetitive tasks. Be it collecting lead data or sending out an onboarding campaign or improving team productivity – automation has a key role in every business domain. Infact, a recent study has revealed that almost 44% of businesses are looking to increase their tech spend and replace outdated technologies.


How To Start Addressing Insider Threats in an Evolving Work Environment

In February 2020, a Time Magazine headline declared, “The Coronavirus outbreak has become the world’s largest work-from-home experiment.” Over a year later, that experiment has been a resounding success for companies and employees who found abundant upsides to less rigid workplace expectations.

Rocket.Chat Named Team Messaging Solution of the Year by RemoteTech Breakthrough

We’re over the moon! Rocket.Chat was selected as the winner of the Team Messaging Solution of the Year by RemoteTech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technology, and products in the global remote work technology market.

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Why Call Center Recording is Important (Tips, Tools)

Call centers and customer-facing businesses commonly engage their customers through inbound and outbound voice channels. And to deliver maximum customer satisfaction over these voice channels, they often use technologies like call recording. Call center recording involves recording the conversation between agents and customers for quality and compliance purposes. In this guide, we’ll cover call center recording in-depth.

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Call Center Service Level: Formulas, Standards, Sample Agreement

Tracking call center performance can be challenging due to the varied nature of businesses and different customer profiles. That’s why call center managers use KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and metrics to analyze their team’s efficiency. And one such KPI is service level, which considers several factors like the percentage of incoming calls attended in a call center. It can help you measure call center productivity and the quality of customer service.


What is the Advantage of a Hire Remote Developers?

It’s sometimes tough to hire the right software developer for your company’s needs. However, the best solution may be to search for candidates worldwide and work with them remotely. Besides, companies that hire only developers who work in the traditional workspace miss out on some opportunities. Mentioned below are five advantages that come when you hire remote software developers for your organization.

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What Is Agent Utilization and How to Improve It (2021 Guide)

Agent utilization or the ratio of an agent’s work done to their work capacity is an essential metric that represents a call center’s efficiency. It tells you if your call center agents are underutilized or have too much work on their plates. That’s why call center managers must have a clear idea about agent utilization. They should know how to calculate and manage it to boost agent engagement and business growth.


Scoro Wins Best Usability Award, Recognized as High Performer in Enterprise and Mid-Market Reports

We’re delighted to announce that G2, the world-leading business solution review platform, has presented Scoro with a number of its Summer 2021 awards. This season, we’re especially proud to receive a total of 13 – including outright winner in two categories, and our first two awards at enterprise level.


Building a customer service framework: top tips from Tortuga, Lob and more

Your customer service framework is like the instructions manual for building some flat-pack furniture. Without directions, you’re guessing how your new desk goes together. Likewise, your support team will improvise how best to respond to incoming customer queries if they don’t have a guiding framework – which can lead to long delays and inconsistent customer experiences. A framework is useful for clarifying how, when, and why you provide the type of service you do. It maps out.

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Project Management Methodology: The 2021 Guide

Many organizations face a difficult time choosing the best project management methodology. Choosing the best method from so many exclusive approaches can be very tricky. A few project managers indulge themselves in a certification course to get used to the ways of managing a project. But only some learn the tools and techniques to take up a project and push it towards the finish line.

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Top 5 Call Center Monitoring Software for 2021

For any call center, ensuring customer satisfaction is a priority. However, with all the processes a typical call center needs to handle, ensuring if your agents provide the right support can seem challenging. That’s why call center monitoring software can be such a game-changer. With features like advanced reporting and automatic call recording, these tools can help you gain detailed insights into agent performance and call quality.


New To Project Management? Here Are 50 Terms You Should Know

You love organizing individual tasks and timelines that make up a project. You’re whip-smart and ready to manage large-scale projects, budgets, resources, and teams. Your brilliant career as a celebrated project manager awaits you in the very near future. You already walk the walk of a project manager, but you need to talk the talk. The board room banter is acronym-heavy and you probably need a quick refresher to keep up. So here it is. Consider this your go-to guide of project management terms.


What is an HR help desk? A beginner's guide.

Imagine you open your computer one morning to find a deluge of emails and phone calls, but you have no system in place for fielding them all. You may feel overwhelmed or stressed, and you might even start to doubt your capabilities. For HR team members, this situation isn’t out of the ordinary. They receive dozens of requests—if not more—from company employees each day. An HR help desk is the solution for navigating these numerous requests.


Mattermost plugins: The web app

This is the fourth installment in a series of articles on Mattermost plugins. First, we talked about how to set up your developer environment. We then examined the structure of server-side and web app plugins before walking through how to build a server-side plugin in Mattermost. In this piece, we’ll explore how to create web app plugins. The web app is written in JavaScript. It uses Redux, and you can write your plugin in Typescript as well. In this article, we’ll use JavaScript.

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Top 5 Workday Insights for Employees to Improve Work Performance

Time Doctor is known for providing valuable workday insights for managers and executives. Our thousands of happy customers – almost 10,000 worldwide – have taught us that our tools help employees, too. Employees can use our productivity tools to win trust and earn more flexibility at work. A core focus for Time Doctor is to support and empower employees with the tools and data they need to become more self-directed, accountable, and productive.

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Call Center Automation: Types, Pros, Challenges (2021 Guide)

Call center automation helps simplify existing business processes. It’s also a great way to optimize your call center resources to reduce or eliminate unnecessary costs. However, with automation comes a lack of human interaction — which can leave customers unhappy. Then how do you automate processes and provide a great customer experience? In this article, we’ll cover what call center automation is, its types, key benefits, and major challenges.


How being proactive can deliver better customer experiences

People are happier if they are in control. That‘s why customers expect to be kept informed when something will be delivered or someone will turn up to install, service, or repair something. If something goes awry it is essential that you proactively let customers know before they encounter the problem.


4 business leaders on the value of a People-First strategy

The modern workplace is undergoing a cultural shift that puts people first. Businesses are moving away from more traditional corporate values that focus on service delivery and revenue towards a more positive workplace culture where the human factor is a priority. The data shows that putting people first can have a significant and positive effect on client and employee retention by improving morale and building real relationships.

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How to Boost Customer Satisfaction With Contact Center Services

An increasing number of people today prefer to communicate via multiple channels like text messaging, email, video calling, etc., over voice calls. And this is the same for customer service too. After all, nobody wants to wait in a long call queue to talk to customer service representatives. However, with contact center services, customers can easily register their concerns and get their queries resolved through the communication channel they prefer.


Top priorities for IT in the new normal

There are significant, long-term implications for how IT is managed and supported. Providing a fully integrated view across end-points, cloud, networking and applications in a hybrid deployment model has become critical for the service desk and the companies they support. While there are myriad variables that need to be addressed, for purposes of brevity we are going to focus on three that are likely to be critical in moving the needle for enterprises adopting a hybrid model.


How to manage a team of remote software developers

When you work with a term of remote software developers, there are many common challenges that managers face. One of the biggest hardships for them is to change their mindset. They need to accept that developers will not be in his/her plain sight. This all-new work paradigm demands businesses to come up with new, effective mechanisms. They need meticulously crafted strategies to track the progress of remote workers and eliminate unnecessary workload.

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Employee Monitoring: Pros, Cons, Types, Tools (2021 Guide)

Employee monitoring can be tricky. You need to strike a balance between your company’s need to monitor employee activity and an employee’s right to privacy. That’s why, while there are several ways to monitor employees, you need employee-friendly solutions that work for your company’s specific requirements. In this article, we’ll explain what employee monitoring is, its benefits and drawbacks, and five types of monitoring solutions.


StrategiQ Chose Scoro's Work Management Platform to Underpin Growth Ambitions

StrategiQ is a full-service digital marketing agency with 50 employees spread across multiple locations in the UK. Founded in 2013, they’re helping companies connect business objectives with marketing strategies that deliver measurable results. In 2020 Tyler Webb-Harding, StrategiQ’s Operations Director identified a problem – that the teams’ existing project management tools would not scale with the company’s ambitious growth plans.


Enterprise Workflow (5 Ways To Improve)

Enterprise workflow automation solutions can support your team’s efforts to streamline processes and deliver an improved customer experience. If you’re currently trying to fix a disconnected customer experience, you should focus on finding ways to automate your enterprise workflow. We believe this is the key to enhancing the customer experience. In this guide, we are going to be considering 5 potential ways to improve enterprise workflow.


A Whole New View With Trello Enterprise

Anyone who’s ever spent a day preparing for a board meeting or company-wide update could probably tell you that mapping teams’ daily to-do lists back to strategic company goals is a pain. But aligning everyday tasks to bigger goals is important: It can boost productivity, focus employee efforts, surface new opportunities, and illuminate project gaps or bottlenecks.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Communicating with Customers & Customer Organizations

In OneDesk, you don’t need to care about how a customer is getting your message, OneDesk takes care of that for you. Whether your customer is using the customer apps, email, or live chat, your messages get delivered to them with any attachments, images, or links included. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Communicating With Users & Teams

OneDesk lets you communicate with your users and teams in multiple ways to keep them updated about important information. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Sharing with Customers & Customer Organizations

You can share tickets, tasks and other items with your customers, keeping them informed and allowing you to collaborate with them on their requests. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

Fraudulent use of Wire

Throughout the history of communication, fraud and scams have inherently been present. From phony telephone sales, pyramid schemes over ransomware, phishing emails to premium number fraud — criminals are as ingenious. The scale of the problem is not small — it’s a huge global issue. From the 32bn USD lost annually on telecom fraud or the 6tn USD problem that is cybersecurity; if there is a vulnerability it will be exploited.


3 ways community forums benefit businesses

People love to gather in groups and discuss the topics they’re most interested in, whether it’s in person or online. That’s why so many consumers turn to community forums when they need information or support from their favorite brands. These online platforms are where users can come to ask questions, enter into debates, share knowledge, and discuss topics of common interest. In many cases, users can get information about how a product works or ask questions about specific features.


Introducing a new Team management console

With Fortune 500 companies and governmental institutions using Wire, we redesigned the Team management console to help Wire admins and owners manage their team to enterprise standards. We’ve been working with our customers to design features that give them the insight and tools their businesses need while keeping the simplicity that makes Wire so easy to use. We keep a clean and clear user interface, which is one of the reasons our customers love our product.

Buddy Punch

8 Best Connecteam Alternatives (Key Features & Reviews Comparison)

Many companies successfully use Connecteam for employee time tracking. That being said, it may not be the right fit for your specific business needs. If you’re looking for a Connecteam alternative, we encourage you to consider Buddy Punch (our employee time tracking software). In this post, we’ll discuss how it works and what differentiates us from competitors.


Story of Chanty Team Chat App

This is a story of competing with one of the biggest names in the industry of communication tools. This is a story of how we launched Chanty, an easy-to-use team collaboration tool. And finally, this is a story of numerous startup challenges we’ve solved. I believe this story deserves your attention. Imagine a bootstrapped startup of a few fellows that is going against a SaaS giant. Add to this picture the fact that literally hundreds of apps are born in this industry each year.

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Contact Center vs Call Center: 5 Key Differences to Know

When a customer contacts your business or brand, they may do so via your customer service. Traditionally, the communication happened exclusively through voice calls in call centers. However, customers can now contact a company through multiple communication channels like emails, website chatbots, social media, etc., managed via contact centers. But what exactly are the differences between contact center vs call center? Don’t worry.


Scoro Named Top Performer for Enterprise Project Management Software

Scoro has been named a Top Performer in the Enterprise Project Management Software category for the Summer 2021 Customer Success Report published by FeaturedCustomers. FeaturedCustomers is the leading customer success content marketing platform for B2B business software & services helping potential B2B buyers make informed purchasing decisions through vendor validated customer success content such as customer testimonials, success stories, case studies, and customer videos.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Saved Replies

OneDesk’s Saved Replies allow you to store pre-written responses to use in conversations. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Tracking Performance

OneDesk lets you track and monitor your workers’ performance and activities. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

Have You Lost Sight of Your Agile Transformation?

In a time when business agility is legacy-defining, today serves as the perfect time for technology leaders to revise their Agile practice. For many organizations, the ability to absorb and adapt to the changes caused by the pandemic is a leading indicator of how Agile they really are. Despite heavy investment in the practice and enabling technologies, have you, like what Justin Watts experienced at Lloyds Banking Group, lost the thread of what Agile is really about?


Growing a company with a lean team: A conversation with Don Brown, Founder & CEO of The Longtail Agency

The digital media landscape is vast and ever changing. With constantly moving parts and assets, it can be challenging to manage. Now imagine running a business—and all of its moving parts—on top of that. That’s exactly what Don Brown, founder and CEO, at The Longtail Agency does on a day-to-day basis. The Longtail Agency is a full-service digital media and marketing agency that specializes in building strategic full-scale campaigns to drive tangible results for their clients.


How To Successfully Make The Transition To Hybrid Work

When it comes to work, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to how and where teams are their happiest and most productive. Some employees prefer (or need) to work from home. Some thrive off the day-to-day social interaction that happens in an office. So, if you want to empower your team’s best work, why not give them both?


Customer expectations have changed. Here's how to keep up

What customers want and what they get might not always align, but the stakes are getting higher for any business that falls short. 80 percent of customers say they’d switch to a competitor after more than one bad experience. And that’s a number that should have most companies paying attention. Why? Customer expectations have shifted considerably over the past year.

How to Create a New Task List or Checklist Template for Team Members | StartingPoint

In this video, we show you how to create checklist templates for team members to remember their day to day tasks within StartingPoint for your team members. StartingPoint is a workflow management platform for service-focused companies and teams. Our platform helps companies retain customers, save money by using less software, save time by centralizing information and data, and improve operational efficiency through simple workflow to make sure nothing falls through the cracks for your customers and your team members.

How to Create a New On-boarding or Checklist Template for Customers | StartingPoint

In this video, we show you how to create an on-boarding or checklist template to have an easy way to complete tasks within StartingPoint for your customers. StartingPoint is a workflow management platform for service-focused companies and teams. Our platform helps companies retain customers, save money by using less software, save time by centralizing information and data, and improve operational efficiency through simple workflow to make sure nothing falls through the cracks for your customers and your team members.

How To Create New Project Templates | StartingPoint

In this video, we show you how to create project templates to have an easy way to initiate projects within StartingPoint for your team members. StartingPoint is a workflow management platform for service-focused companies and teams. Our platform helps companies retain customers, save money by using less software, save time by centralizing information and data, and improve operational efficiency through simple workflow to make sure nothing falls through the cracks for your customers and your team members.

How Zendesk Does Knowledge Management

On Thursday, June 17th, at 11:00 am CST, the self service team shared how Zendesk drives success with our internal Knowledge Management practices and how we use technology to help organize, capture and leverage institutional knowledge and information. Allowing us to structure our content and promote self service by making information easily accessible.

Project Management with Mattermost and Focalboard

We created Focalboard to be a self-hosted, open source alternative to tools like Trello, Notion, and Asana. One of the most common use cases for each of these tools is managing projects. When we looked for a project management solution to coordinate the development of Focalboard itself, the choice was clear: We would use Focalboard to build Focalboard (just like Mattermost uses Mattermost to build Mattermost).


How To Understand Customer Touch Points And Their Impact

Jenny wakes up every morning at 8 am. While sipping her coffee, she opens up your company’s app to check the weather that day. Later, between work calls, Jenny checks your website on her laptop to see if it’s going to be windy in the afternoon – maybe it’s a good day for a bike ride? In the evening, while scrolling through Instagram, she sees your ad to subscribe to a new weather newsletter catered to cyclists.


FreshBooks Integration App

For experienced FreshBooks users or those looking to empower Bitrix24 with FreshBooks' accounting capabilities, this handy FreshBooks integration app is available. You can synchronize your data between FreshBooks and Bitrix24. After the initial synchronization is complete, you get your Freshbooks clients and invoices in Bitrix24 CRM. New clients and invoices created in Freshbooks will be synced with your Bitrix24 account automatically.


Why the Biggest Threat Facing Supply Chains is on the Inside

Businesses need to act now to survey their supply chain, developing the capacity to anticipate and respond to supply chain risks, minimizing the impact and optimizing opportunity. In March, the world witnessed a curious scene. A container ship longer than the Empire State Building became lodged in Egypt’s Suez Canal, creating an incredible spectacle as heavy construction equipment and a fleet of tug boats tried to dislodge the vessel from the canal walls.


June 2021 Version Update: Introducing Single Sign-On

With every little piece of valuable information in the cloud depending on good security mechanisms, it’s smart to take extra steps to protect your team’s and customers’ data without sacrificing user experience. After this product update, you can do exactly that by integrating your preferred single sign-on platform with Scoro. Plus, from now on, effortlessly set up team meetings with clear insight into your team’s schedule and resource availability.


Element is the best on-premise alternative as Skype for Business Server nears End of Life

Skype for Business is pining for the fjords... On-premise communications might be your priority, but it clearly isn’t Microsoft’s. Skype for Business Server 2022 is the last throw of a loaded dice that always lands on Microsoft Teams. That’s Microsoft’s intended migration path for you. If you need to keep your communications on-premise, just about the only reason to migrate to Skype for Business Server 2022 is that it isn’t cloud-based Microsoft Teams.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Chart Widget

OneDesk’s ticket and task applications include a helpful and visual chart widget at the top. This widget allows you to easily monitor who is working, on what, running timers, progress updates, and more. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Work Structure & Organization

OneDesk enables you to structure and organize your work with projects, portfolios, folders, and views. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

OneDesk -Getting Started: Auto-Routing

OneDesk lets you create auto-routing rules to save you time. Use auto-routing to get your tickets and tasks to the right team member or into the right project. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

Hybrid Work and Enterprise Communication Trends

⚡ With the emergence of remote and hybrid work, workplace communication has become top concerns for organizations across the world. 👉 Join our world-class speakers Marius Neidlinger (Rocket.Chat), Markus Kirsch (Rocket.Chat), Oliver Jägle (DB Systel) and Henning Dransfeld (ISG) to talk about the future Enterprise Communication.

9 must-have scrum tools features to help your team stay agile

An absolute integral part of project management is the tools teams use to progress, track, benchmark, and ultimately, complete projects. And with a 2020 State of Agile Report stating 58% of companies rely on scrum frameworks, it's a no-brainer why the actual scrum tools features are make-or-break when it comes time to choose the perfect software. Not only do the best scrum tool features help optimize workflow and track overall performance, they also encourage collaboration and enhance productivity.

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Why Management Must Encourage Work-Life Balance in Remote Work Environments

A solid work-life balance is an essential element of employee well-being. If you’re an employer, it’s something you should not only care about but actively encourage your employees to improve and maintain. Study after study has shown that an imbalance of work and life, a work-life conflict if you will, can have a serious negative impact on employees. In the office, it has been associated with poor workplace performance, reduced productivity, absenteeism, and burnout.

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The 2021 Guide to Outbound Call Centers (Tools, Tips)

Call centers can handle all the support services for your business without you having to break a sweat. But there are two main types of call centers businesses can use: outbound and inbound. Outbound call centers make outgoing calls to customers while inbound call centers handle incoming calls. In this article, we’ll cover what an outbound call center is, how it differs from inbound call centers and its key aspects.


Remote developer adaptation process and time tracking

Today, the remote developer adaptation process is a reality for many of us. About 4.7 million employees work remotely in the U.S. That number is increasing day by day and more industries embrace remote work. Regardless of the industry type, people need to adapt to this work culture, and the sooner they transform, the better will be the results.

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What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Virtual Call...

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the world moved online. Digital software and online shopping became increasingly popular among customers, which intensified the need for excellent customer service. And to match that, several companies like Amazon and Microsoft embraced the virtual call center model. In a virtual call center, agents handle incoming and outgoing customer calls while they work remotely.


5 Types Of Boundaries To Start Setting With Your Team

You probably already know how important it is to have healthy boundaries. Boundaries give you control over your life, relationships, and how you spend your time. They’re a way to focus your energy on the things that matter, and avoid getting caught up in things that are less important or don’t make you feel good. However, most of the discourse around boundaries focuses on their role in your personal life, especially in creating healthy relationships with your family, friends, and partner.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Reporting

OneDesk lets you create, save, and schedule custom reports about your work information in OneDesk. Use report creation to get updates about the information you care about sent directly to your inbox. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Customer Surveys

In OneDesk, you can gather customer feedback and satisfaction scores using customer satisfaction surveys. The scores you collect can be used to determine a customer support agent’s capability, helping team managers make decisions to improve their helpdesk services. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Custom Fields

OneDesk allows you to create custom fields that let you add additional properties to your tickets, tasks, timesheets, projects, users, customers, and customer organizations. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

How a MSP uses OneDesk to optimize their customer support

For managed service providers (MSP), customer support is absolutely core to their business. Where the various services provided may be the main customer-facing offering, without a supporting team to attend to client needs and answer questions, an MSP is sure to face challenges retaining clients. Empowering your customer support team only further serves your business, and one simple way to do that is by introducing a helpdesk and ticketing system.


New Features - June 2021 - Analytics

The June 2021 Release of OneDesk introduces a new App (in Beta) to centralize statistics about your tickets, tasks, and projects. We call this new app ‘Analytics’. Located under the ‘More Applications’ icon in the lower-left corner, the Analytics app brings together Reports and Activities, and introduces a new section called ‘Charts’. Here are some highlights of the new Charts app.


Customer advocates: The secret ingredient to sales and support success

Imagine you’re in the market to buy a new dishwasher. You receive an email from Lowe’s claiming that a new LG model is a customer favorite. But then a few friends tell you their Frigidaire dishwashers are the best they’ve ever owned. Who are you more likely to believe? Probably your friends. SEMrush’s research shows that 88 percent of people have the highest level of trust in a brand when a friend or family member recommends it.


What Is The Business Importance Of Customer Satisfaction

To nobody’s surprise, sturdy success starts with good foundations. While the building materials have changed drastically and improved remarkably over time, the foundation of any good business is ultimately the satisfaction of its customers. Arguably, it’s easy to overlook the importance of customer satisfaction when the issues aren’t obvious. Just like the wiring of a house, you expect it to be there and working perfectly.

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Top 7 Virtual Call Center Software for 2021

Due to COVID regulations and virtual call center software innovations, virtual customer service teams have grown in popularity. With cloud-based virtual call center solutions, remote agents can be more productive, and business owners can manage their call virtual center operations with ease. But with several virtual call center tools out there, which one is the best tool for you?


6 creative ways to boost team morale without sounding fake

Successful companies are more than just productivity and revenue hubs. These places institutionalize making their workers feel engaged, so they trust and believe in the overall direction of the company. All of this positivity might make it seem like great organizations don’t need to boost team morale—but that’s simply untrue. Keeping employees engaged and satisfied is still a huge challenge, no matter how successful the business might be.

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10 Simple Tips to Reduce Call Center Attrition (2021 Guide)

Do you know how expensive call center attrition can be? Voluntary attrition of an employee is never a good thing. When employees leave, businesses have to spend time and money to replace them with new hires. This can drive down efficiency and profit margins. But how do you reduce employee turnover? In this article, we’ll talk about call center attrition, what causes it, and how it affects your business.


In-App Messaging Explained (With Examples and Best Practices)

In-app messages are amazing tools you can use to propel sales, onboard a new user, and interact with your users daily. It can diminish the volume of live attention requests your customer service team receives, and make it easier for the sales team to convert new users. In-app messaging is vital for your customer engagement strategy. If you know how to use it, you’ll reach the right user at the right time to address their queries. But, what is in-app messaging?

What's New in Asana | June 2021

Get ready for June’s bright new batch of Asana updates! Desktop app: Minimize distractions and maximize focus and flow. Keep the Asana desktop app open alongside your other favorite apps during the workday. Universal reporting: Build dashboards that give you real-time visibility and actionable insights across all the projects and teams in your organization. Then share them with the rest of your team to keep everyone on the same page.

What world-class customer experience design looks like in 2021

Companies are increasingly trying to promote customer experience into a key selling point. And for good reason—the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2021 found that 75 percent of customers will pay a premium to buy from brands that provide a great customer experience. Exceptional customer experiences require exceptional customer experience design. But what does that really look like?

Workpuls - Business-Powering Workforce Productivity and Analytics

Did you know that the average employee is only productive for 2 hours and 35 minutes per day? Workpuls is a workforce #productivity and analytics solution that helps organizations drive productivity, benchmark performance and improve efficiency. Take the pulse of your company and better understand how productive your employees are. Our #timetracking software can give you insights into how, when and why your employees do their best work so you can get the most out of them daily.
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7 Simple Steps For Contact Center Quality Monitoring

Contact center quality monitoring is one of the best ways to improve customer service. When you monitor quality, you’ll be able to identify any roadblocks in the process and create an easy pathway to boost customer satisfaction. But contact center quality monitoring isn’t just about recording phone calls between customers and agents or checking if they responded politely to an email query. Rather, it’s about how you evaluate each agent’s interaction and act on them.

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Everything You Need to Know About Inbound Call Centers (2021)

In a world dominated by chatbots and text messaging, you might think phone calls are becoming a thing of the past. But many customers still prefer calling businesses over the phone to resolve their problems. As a business owner, answering phone calls may not be your top priority. So it makes more sense for you to invest in an inbound call center instead. Inbound call centers can receive calls on your company’s behalf.


14 Essential Project Management Skills in 2021

Bringing together the requisite skills, knowledge, tools, and business processes to achieve the outcome is the core of project management. And there is a long list of skills that enable project managers to accomplish all that. This article will list 14 of the most important project management skills in 2021. According to industry predictions, by 2027, businesses will require 87.7 million employees to work in roles associated with project management.


12 Excellent Customer Service Phrases for Everyday Conversations

Your customer’s perception of you and your brand can be shaped in a single customer service interaction. So it pays to be careful with what you say and how you say it. One way to set the course of conversations in your favor is by using the right customer service phrases. Customer service phrases serve as ready-reckoners that you can use in your day-to-day interactions with customers.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Agent Management

Manage your team more effectively with OneDesk’s team management capabilities. Help your team increase productivity and provide a higher quality of service for your customers. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Merging Items

OneDesk lets you merge and link tickets and tasks (items) for quick access and easier resolution. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Creating & Sharing Work Views

OneDesk lets you choose how your data is displayed. This lets you decide how your work is represented to allow you to better understand and manage the information. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Sharing with Users & Teams

OneDesk lets you share projects with your users and teams and assign roles at the team level. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Timesheets & Timers

Use timesheets and timers to keep track of all logged hours of work. You can customize the information collected on timesheets and make certain fields required. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Item Creation & Configuration

OneDesk allows you to enable and configure multiple item types. They can have different icons, colors, lifecycle statuses, and creation emails. Create and add custom fields to the ticket or task’s individual creation forms. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Live Chat Support

OneDesk includes live chat support, allowing you to support your customers in real-time. Your customers can ask questions and include attachments when messaging you. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

Best Time Management Apps For 2021

There is no guessing that one thing we crave more the most is productivity. There is no doubt that we are overwhelmed with activities and, we have to keep up with the calendar, to-do list, shopping list, etc., to make sure nothing is left out. In order to achieve better productivity, then time management is of utmost importance. Effective time management has helped leaders, entrepreneurs, and, small business owner hit their targets.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Subtasks

OneDesk lets you divide complex tickets and tasks into smaller, manageable subtasks. The created subtasks can be assigned individually and managed independently. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

OneDesk - Getting Started: Macros

OneDesk lets you bulk edit tickets, tasks, and projects with macros. Create macros then save or share them with your team to use. Free up your time with the ability to take multiple actions at once. OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

How to create a consistent customer experience with your customer service strategy

Helpful, friendly customer service shouldn’t be seen as “optional” by your business. It has serious implications for whether customers will return to your company and spread the word about your products. According to a Qualtrics study, 95% of consumers who rate a company’s customer experience as “very good” are likely to recommend the company.


What is agent experience? (and why it's good for customers, too)

Companies have long focused on customer experience; some may even say they’re, gasp, customer obsessed. But buzz words aside, all this means is that they’re putting the customer at the center of everything they do. From sales to marketing and support, these companies aim to please at every step of the customer journey. With such a heavy focus on needs of customers, far too often the needs of agents get overlooked. And in reality, the two are more intertwined than you might think.

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General Electric & 5 Other Examples of Offshoring

As business strategies and requirements change, companies need to adopt different processes that can help them grow. And one of these processes is offshoring. Many large corporations have realized that the benefits of offshoring, such as lower costs and skilled talent, can give them a competitive advantage over other businesses. In this article, we’ll explore one such successful example of offshoring.


Who Knew Email Subjects Are So Complicated

Did you know that email subjects, by default, only support 127 characters?! I didn’t, and I ran into a “fun” puzzle of a problem earlier this year when a client of ours noticed a problem with Courier-built emails in Microsoft Outlook. Small rendering issues and bugs like this can give the wrong impression to a recipient of an email. It can make the end user feel the product they are using is poorly planned or not tested.

Asana Focus & Flow Summit featuring Adam Grant

In a distracted world, finding focus and flow is essential. The Focus & Flow Summit brings together today's leading thinkers on mindset, habits, purpose, and productivity. Plus, Asana's Head of Product Marketing demoes Asana's newest product features designed to align your attention with your intention so you can focus on the work that matters.

How Sharpist is using Miro to scale employee well-being

Sharpist is on a mission to create a healthier, more self-aware global workforce. CEO and Co-Founder, Hendrik Schriefer, describes Sharpist as “the first platform of its kind bringing your employees a personalized and effective way to learn and grow.” With a network of over 500 internationally certified business coaches, Sharpist provides digital coaching in the form of video, microlearning, and personalized e-learning modules from MIT and other world-renowned experts.

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8 Best Contact Center Software for 2021

For any company, its customer service is a major driving force behind its growth. And with the right contact center software, you can improve the customer experience while making your support team’s job easier. You’ll be able to resolve queries and reach out to potential customers across multiple channels with ease. But with a wide variety of contact center software available today, which one should you go for?

How to disrupt endless meetings and turn ideas into action

In this panel discussion, learn about three inspiring real-world workshops from employees at Wily, a design sprint agency, and students and staff from Winthrop University. Watch as they share best practices and lessons learned on redesigning experiences for the post-Covid environment and organizational issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

4 Reasons Why Collaboration is Crucial for Exceptional Customer Service

Offering outstanding customer service is critical if you wish to retain customers and grow your business. However, exceptional customer support is more than just providing answers to user queries. It is, in fact, a part of the promise you make to your customers – it is the voice and face of your company.


3 ways data silos impact your business (and how to knock them down)

It’s impossible to provide great customer service without great customer data. You can’t give people the white-glove treatment if you don’t know anything about them. Especially in today’s data-driven world, companies need to leverage their customer data to make informed decisions and improve their business. Yet some organizations struggle with outdated or insufficient information. Other brands capture plenty of data but fail to connect it all.

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Zoho Projects

Cognitive Biases in Product Management

A product journey is typically fraught with many technical, analytical, and design challenges. Your biggest defense against these challenges is a rock-solid team with passionate team players who are excited about learning and solving problems. While someone's years of experience, unparalleled technical knowledge, or effortless business acumen can seem fool-proof, it's important to remind ourselves that we are, in fact, human.


Simpplr ranked as a "Market Leader" in Employee Intranet Software by Featured Customers

FeaturedCustomers, a customer reference platform for B2B business software & services, has just released their Spring 2021 Customer Success Report for Employee Intranet Software category and Simpplr is proud to announce that we’ve been recognized as a market leader. Market Leaders are vendors with a substantial customer base & market share. Market Leaders have the highest ratio of customer reference content, content quality score, and social media presence relative to company size.


How to get started with Mattermost on Kubernetes in just a few minutes

Since it first appeared in June 2014, Kubernetes has become something of a household name, at least in houses developers live in. The open source container orchestration platform makes challenges like load balancing, secret management, and portability a cinch and makes it easy to orchestrate large, highly scalable and distributed systems.

troop messenger

Watch at the Trends Designed for the Future of Troop Messenger!

These days, the team collaboration tools are enormously helping businesses to combat the coordination challenges that working teams face! The ever-increasing collaborative technology, tools, and systems allow group work to happen at ease, both at the office and remote locations. The changing times are making the future of work collaboration change according to it.


Employee Well-Being And Company Success Are Linked: How To Foster Flourishing Teams That Last

Here’s how small business leaders can position their employees to thrive in a post-pandemic operational reality. The recent pandemic and associated economic fallout were especially challenging for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The Washington Post estimates that more than 100,000 small businesses have permanently closed, and overall revenue plummeted by as much as 52 percent.


How Lake | Flato uses Miro to create inclusive architecture

As the top-ranked architecture firm in the United States, Lake | Flato knows there’s more to great buildings than crisp lines and slick designs. Sustainability, collaboration, and inclusion are at the heart of LF’s design philosophy, and they strive to make every project fit organically into its place — which includes the nature and culture around it.


What to do if a remote developer keeps missing deadlines

In the computer programming world, missing deadlines may seem fine sometimes. But if it happens frequently, you may lose some valuable clients easily. However, managing and encouraging teams to stay within deadlines can be quite challenging. This is true, especially when your developers are working remotely. In this article, we’ll guide you about what to do if your remote developers miss deadlines consistently.


7 Causes of Call Center Stress (And How to Fix Them)

Working at a call center isn’t easy. In fact, over half of call center employees feel burned out on a daily basis.1 Call center agents who are very stressed out struggle to provide great customer service. And when they leave out of burnout, it gets expensive. The average cost to replace an employee is six to nine months of their salary.2 But call center stress isn’t inevitable.


Taking Your Business Online with CRM Store

You probably don’t need another Internet article telling you how you should take your business online and engage in e-commerce as soon as possible. This topic’s been running rampant recently - and there’s nothing wrong with all these articles, really. E-commerce is on the rise, there’s hardly any doubt about that.

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Time Tracking for Consultants in 2021 (Benefits, Tools)

As a consultant, time tracking should be an essential part of how you do business. It’s the easiest way to ensure you get paid for the hours you put in. For an employer, this means you won’t underpay or overpay your consultants. And from a productivity standpoint, time tracking gives you insights into how long you spend on tasks and how to improve your time management skills.


Less distraction, more focus: Introducing new features designed to help you align attention with intention

Knowledge workers today are more distributed than ever. They’re also more distracted. In fact, 80% of employees work with their inbox and communication apps open, leading to nearly 75% feeling pressured to multitask during the day according to the Anatomy of Work Index. The result? Lower efficiency, overlooked messages, and missed deadlines.


How To Keep Your Employees Connected and Engaged While Working Remotely

Between 2005 to 2017, there was a 159% increase in remote work. Even prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, remote work was growing at an exponential rate. This is due to the increased demand for flexible work schedules and recent advancements in technology. As a result of the pandemic, there was an additional surge of remote workers. Approximately half of the American workforce is currently working from home.


Top 6 ClickUp Alternatives for Project Management

In a world where collaboration is the source of all successful projects, you need a tool that will help you organize, sort and manage all aspects of your work in an efficient and simple way. A lot of people’s first choice is ClickUp that although a great tool can be a bit overwhelming. Today we will be talking about ClickUp alternative cloud solutions for people who are looking for something different that would fit their needs better.


Navigating Product Roadmap with Customer Feedback

A product roadmap is a constantly evolving process throughout the product’s lifecycle. And it’s up to you — the product manager — to set the priorities and make sure you align your product roadmap with company initiatives; a process which involves identifying ways to improve and prioritize your products. But how can you be successful in doing this if you haven’t even gauged how your customers feel about the product in the first place?


3 Efficient Ways for Agencies To Use Content

As an agency owner, you already know that inefficient processes can cause serious frustration for your clients. In the worst cases, inefficiencies might even cost you the relationship. Agencies have many moving parts — from media buying, prospecting, and account planning, to hiring, onboarding, and payroll — which makes it easy to trip over your own feet and fall into inefficient habits and processes.


Basecamp vs Asana vs Nifty Full Review & Comparison 2021

If you are looking for the best project management platform for your business, there is no doubt that you’ve heard of both Basecamp and Asana. Basecamp and Asana are two cloud-based project management tools that help businesses achieve sustainable workflows by organizing workloads through a team collaboration pipeline.

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How to Find and Choose the Best Offshore Accounting Service

Accounting plays an important role in the growth of a business. And if you don’t have an in-house accounting professional with the required skills, you can hire an offshore accounting service. Outsourcing accounting to an offshore company can give you accounting books without any mistakes and an expert opinion on your firm’s finances. But how do you choose reliable offshore accounting services?


The Hybrid Work Model-Is It Worth The Hype?

As the pandemic took the world by storm, many companies were forced to quickly transition to remote work and integrate into the digital workspace. As we begin to embrace our new post-pandemic ‘normal’, many businesses are finding their employees struggling to leave the newfound comfort of the work-from-home life behind. With so many adjustments and changes, one thing is certain—remote work is here to stay.


7 Important Steps to Improve Operational Efficiency

When it comes to improving your business operations, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. You have to look at the different processes involved in your business--from sales and marketing to product creation and delivery. Here, we’ve listed the strategies you can do at a minimum to improve your organization’s overall operational efficiency.

Make Jira work for you with automation

Do you prefer to get your Jira updates via Slack, MS Teams or email? No problem! With Jira automation, you can surface only the important notifications where you want, how you want and when you want - all in a few clicks. Now you can customize the way you work and focus on the important stuff. This short demo walks through some common rules to help you get started. It works across all Jira products and most third party tools.
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4 Successful Nearshoring Examples to Guide Your Business

Nearshoring, or the practice of moving your business to a nearby country, offers several benefits that can help boost your firm’s growth. However, you should determine if nearshoring is right for you before shifting your business operations. Fortunately, from Boeing to Whirlpool, there are many nearshoring examples to help guide companies who want to explore nearshoring.

How Slack serves as Sendle's HQ, making collaboration possible across 4 time zones

Sendle’s distributed team across Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and the U.S. uses Slack to collaborate flexibly and asynchronously. Sendle also relies on a strong network of industry partners, including Shopify and Stripe, that all collaborate securely on Slack Connect

Mattermost Recipe: Leveraging the Kubernetes Operator to deploy our Community Server

Here’s the next installment in our Mattermost Recipes series. The goal of these posts is to provide you with solutions to specific problems, as well as a discussion about the details of the solution and some tips about how to customize it to suit your needs perfectly. If there’s a Recipe you want us to cook up in the future, drop us a line on our forum.

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Everything You Need To Know About Effective Business Communication In 2021 (Tips And Tools)

Communication is not easy. Especially at a professional level, poor communication can ruin relationships and, eventually, entire businesses. It’s hard to communicate effectively even in a small business with a few employees, let alone in an organization of hundreds or thousands. Then how do you succeed at it? Is there any secret? First, you need to learn the real importance of effective business communication. Then, put your best efforts into constantly improving this aspect within your team.

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How to Set Up Offshore Companies in the USA (2021 Guide)

Most people know the United States of America as a leader in filmmaking, sports, technological advancements, and so on. But not many are aware that the USA is also a popular destination for an offshore company. From increased credibility to easier access for your products and services to a major consumer economy, there are several reasons to set up an offshore company in the USA. In this article, we’ll explain what offshore companies in the USA are and the requirements for setting one up.


Step-by-step guide to better cross-team collaboration

If you’re trying to complete a major project on your own, good luck. Nowadays, projects need every team in on the action. We know that siloed work doesn’t cut it. And without cross-team collaboration, what are you really doing to get projects done faster and more efficiently? Well, you’re probably not. We’re not trying to be harsh. In fact, a lot of workers take on the brunt load of a job to avoid putting pressure on other employees.

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10 Inspiring Offshoring Examples for Your Business

From WhatsApp to Microsoft, offshoring has helped several businesses save costs and get access to skilled talent from around the world. And while you can use offshoring to increase business productivity and growth, you need to understand it clearly before you offshore your processes. In this article, we’ll discuss ten successful offshoring examples and the unique benefits of the business practice.


How organisations can succeed with a people-first approach

The past decade has seen a seismic shift in how employees view work. They expect it to fit in with their lifestyles, ambitions, values, skills, and individual personalities. The reality is that a positive workplace culture leads to high performance both individually and organisation wide. Businesses have evolved to create a culture change in the workplace by putting people first.


Best Customer Service Apps Your Customer Service Team Will Love

Customer service apps are great. They help us communicate with customers very easily, and engage them effectively, all while staying under budget. Unfortunately, a customer service app will only be effective as long as it’s good for you, your company, and your customers. Here are over 15 customer service apps your CS team will love, their pros and cons, and the platforms they’re available for. Let’s get started.

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How Managers Can Make Time Doctor More Employee Friendly

When organizations implement any new technology or introduce change, concerns and questions are bound to arise. For Time Doctor, one of the most common concerns we hear is how employees will feel about the tool. To help leaders and managers prepare for and get ahead of these concerns, we’ve compiled a list of the most employee friendly settings and features that Time Doctor provides.


How to use Facebook Messenger for customer service

Not every quarantine trend has had a long shelf life—if you abandoned your sourdough starter eons ago, you’re not alone. But when it comes to customer service, some habits born out of the pandemic are here to stay. The Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2021 found that 64 percent of customers started using a new support channel last year. Among them, 73 percent say they plan to continue using that channel this year and beyond.


6 Tricky Customer Service Challenges And How To Solve Them

About 82% of customers deeply value convenience, friendliness, and human touch when it comes to their ideal customer service experience. If you want customers to continue to return to your business, you need to treat them well, and successfully handle the customer service challenges that inhibit your support team. Customer service challenges are scenarios that get in the way of providing the customer with a favorable resolution.

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10 Strategies for Success When Managing From a Distance

Over the past year, remote work has become the norm all over the world. And, according to research data, it’s likely to remain a big part of our lives. The Buffer State of Remote Work 2021 report shows that 97% of people wish to continue working remotely (at least to some degree) for the rest of their careers. Furthermore, PWC states that 55% of employees would prefer to work away from the office at least three days per week once the pandemic is over.


The top 5 customer service trends that should be part of your growth strategy

The pandemic era showed us that consumers were going online in their search for better and safer ways to transact with businesses. This shift in behaviour means that customer service has become more important now than ever, and organisations must change the way they view the function going forward. Customer service needs to be a crucial part of every company’s growth strategy.

How to put the fun in functional meetings

Are you looking to add some pizzazz to those oh-so-dull meetings? Miro’s Head of Workshop Design, Shipra Kayan, is here to help. Before coming to Miro, she lent her expertise to companies like Upwork, Apple, and Microsoft — and has experience running workshops for two decades. Shipra brings her passion for running engaging meetings to this VMUG and shares the tips you need to create better solutions as a team, no matter where your team is.
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How to Choose an Offshore Software Development Company (2021)

An offshore software development company is the first thing that comes to mind for many people when they think about developing software. The reason? Offshoring your software development tasks offers tons of benefits, like high-quality talent and lower rates. Now, you may have several questions — like where to find an offshore software development company, whether they all produce the same quality of output, and how you can distinguish a good offshoring partner from the rest. Don’t worry.

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The 2021 Guide to Offshore Outsourcing Software Development

Offshore outsourcing software development is a form of delegation, where you hire a foreign company for your software development projects. These offshore companies provide high-quality custom software development services at lower costs. In this article, we’ll cover what offshore outsourcing software development is and how it could benefit your company. We’ll also tell you how to select the right offshore outsourcing partner and give you some simple tips to help you out.


5 ways Asana customers break down silos in their work

The past year has been a rollercoaster of changes for teams globally. For many companies, the abrupt change from working in-person to working remotely disrupted the way teams communicated. One of the biggest challenges of working remotely is ensuring that your team members are staying connected and aligned. Teams can easily get stuck in silos from working in different time zones or juggling several different tools in the remote working environment.


A mission to empower 1 million startups

“We’re digitally re-creating our accelerator program to offer an advanced product suite designed to accelerate more startups. Miro is an indispensable part of our vision.” That’s how Giovanni Vaccari, Head of Product at Startupbootcamp, describes their mission to democratize accelerator programs on a global scale. It’s no secret that startup accelerators are highly competitive, and for good reason.


How to build a customer support team from scratch (tips from 8 support pros)

Building a support team is like doing a jigsaw where all the pieces keep moving around: You’re trying to match customer needs with company priorities, maintaining a high level of service while onboarding new team members, and predicting how ticket volumes will shape hiring roadmaps. Even worse, if you’re the first (and only) person doing support at your company, you’re still juggling incoming tickets and covering all your support channels.


The Complete Guide to Delivering an Omnichannel Customer Experience

Customers have more options than ever. This is great from a customer point of view, but for businesses it means that having a great product alone isn’t enough to stand out. So how can you differentiate your brand? And how can you drive repeat sales and generate more referrals? A good place to start is delivering an omnichannel customer experience and streamlining customer interactions across all your channels.


Fighting Pandemic Fatigue by Safely Experimenting With Engineering Team Structures

In this fourth installment of our Tasty Dog Food Series, we continue to share stories of how we at Tasktop are using our own product, Tasktop Viz™, to boost our growth and happiness. Tasktop Viz is a value stream management solution that measures and optimizes the flow of business value in software delivery organizations.

Freshworks Huddle 2021 Highlights

We kick-started with making sure that you get the most out of the Huddle, walking you through the recent highlights, and sharing things we have in store for 2021. Host: Satwik Hebbar, Director of Engineering, Freshworks Freshworks Huddle is a developer event to provide our developer community with the appropriate knowledge of app development guidelines and support them to continue building best-in-class apps, and to clarify queries about building apps on the Freshworks developer platform.
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Nearshoring: What It Is, Pros, Cons, Top Destinations (2021)

Global trade has enabled countries to expand their markets for sourcing various goods and services at a lower cost. It has also allowed several companies to opt for business strategies such as nearshoring to boost their growth. Nearshoring involves shifting your business operations to a nearby country. In this article, we’ll talk about nearshoring and how it’s different from business processes like outsourcing, offshoring, and onshoring.

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10 Remote Work Influencers and Thought Leaders to Follow in 2021

In 2001, work was strictly in the office. You had your cubicle, your desktop, and your picture of your dog. At lunchtime, you’d share lunch with your coworkers. Sometimes, you had days where you brought your paperwork home, but the next day, you would go back to sitting at your Mac that looked like a space helmet. Let’s speed to two decades later, in 2021, where remote work is the cornerstone of businesses. 4.7 million Americans are working from home, according to the US Census Bureau.


We Asked People What Makes a Good Leader, Here's What They Said

Good leadership. Countless books, seminars, TED Talks, and articles have attempted to explain what it is and how to emulate it. But what does it really mean for us on a day-to-day basis? Instead of interviewing another organizational psychologist or management expert, I decided to ask my inner circle of friends and colleagues what good leadership means to them.

Confluence for enterprises - features for the future of teamwork | Atlassian

Next generation’s industry leaders will be productive, adaptable enterprises. But without necessary tools and processes; team efficiency, collaboration and decision-making suffer, resulting in slower delivery and higher risks. Join product leaders for Confluence Cloud Enterprise and Premium as they share solutions for staying nimble while scaling. They’ll demonstrate common challenges teams face and advanced features in Confluence to keep growing teams connected, high performing, and secure.

From MVP to Production Ready With Serverless

Having been at startups my entire career, I’ve encountered the dichotomy between speed and scale when building software products.The usual attitude entrepreneurs take when building the first iterations of their products is “...we aren’t anywhere close to facing problems of scale, so let’s worry about that when we get there.” This first version of the software is built and shipped fast, and it’s only a matter of time before engineers realize that they simply don&#8217


5 Online Team Building Activities for Remote Teams in 2021

Teamwork makes the dream work — a cliche you would see on a tacky office poster — might sound lame but it’s very true. Humans are social beings, even more so when it comes to business. You can’t build or run it single-handedly. Heck, you wouldn’t even read this article if it wasn’t for the coordinated effort of several people! That is why remote work has become such a challenge for many teams.

What's new in Confluence Cloud 2021 and the secret power of 3 | Atlassian

Do you collaborate on projects in one tool but manage your single source of truth in another? Is it difficult to connect and engage your organization, leaving you wondering if those latest updates were even read? Tune in to discover how the latest features unleash the true power of Confluence as it brings knowledge management, collaboration, and a modern social intranet under one roof. Learn how every team can accomplish more together with Confluence.

Belonging, connectedness, collaboration: the future of Confluence | Atlassian

The digital transformation is here to stay. Over the next few years, we are evolving Confluence Cloud to help companies thrive in this new world. High-quality content (from written word to video, diagrams, charts, and tables) and real time collaboration will play a much bigger role in making decisions, moving work forward, and building trust within teams.

5 ways to cultivate loyal customers through social media

Social media isn’t just the tool of teens—over the past year, it has quickly become one of the fastest-growing channels for customer support, with tickets up 181 percent since the start of the pandemic. Now, more than ever, customers are looking to connect with brands on their favorite social media platforms. In addition to meeting customers where they are, social media is a great method for customer outreach whether or not you pay to promote content.


How to Flawlessly Ship Integrations with Third Parties

As a product manager, one way to increase functionality in your product development process (and also attract new users) is to integrate your product with another product. For example, Google Calendar has an integration with Zoom, where you can instantly set up a Zoom video meeting through Google Calendar. Google Calendar benefits from the Zoom integration because it easily enables its users to set up video calls within a seamless workflow.


Tackling remote workforce security challenges post-pandemic

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations are adopting or experimenting with new models of long-term remote work. For some, that means keeping their teams fully distributed. For others, it means giving employees more flexibility to work from home or even simply putting plans in place for the future. But this shift to remote work brings new challenges that both large enterprises and smaller organizations must face.


Fix the Rift: How to Achieve Better Alignment Between Sales and Marketing Teams

Sales and marketing share the same goal of driving business growth, so why do they continuously fail to achieve alignment? Freshworks has been examining the long-standing causes of this misalignment, which has been exacerbated by the 2020-21 pandemic. In our recent ‘Fix the Rift’ webinar, we explored the divide between sales and marketing, its impact, and how technology can help bridge this gap.

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How to Find the Best Country to Set Up an Offshore Company

Whether you own a startup or a large company, setting up an offshore company can help your business grow and reach new markets. Offshoring primarily focuses on saving money by moving operations to a cheaper location abroad. This lets you reinvest the saved money into growing your business. But which is the best country to set up an offshore company? In this article, we’ll answer that question. We’ll highlight the top eight countries you can offshore to.


June 2021: Calendar Improvements, New Permissions, And More | Scoro

With teams working from different corners of the world, making plans with your team and finding a suitable time slot for a call can be tricky. With this update, we’ve taken on our Calendar, making it possible for you to effortlessly set up team meetings with clear insight into your team’s schedule and resource availability. Plus, we’ve added a couple of new permissions for increased flexibility and granularity when it comes to defining your teams’ workflows.

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How to Fill Out a Timesheet in 7 Simple Steps (2021 Guide)

If you want to learn how to fill out a timesheet, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re a business owner looking for a simple way to record your team’s hours or a contractor who needs to track your billable hours for invoicing purposes, timesheets are a valuable solution. Unfortunately, there is a lot of room for error with traditional timesheets. You need to know how to fill them out correctly to save time, streamline processes, and improve payroll accuracy.


Bitrix24.Documents and the Perils of Online Collaboration

We’ve all been there. Every time you and several other people have to work on a document together, you end up sending attachments back and forth, creating multiple versions so that no one knows which of them is final, and basically overcomplicating what should’ve been an easy thing to do. Is there a way out? Of course, there is - and we’re going to talk about it right here in this article.

Sukhdeep Singh | Emerging Trends in PM for Development of EVs & Future Mobility Solutions

Digitalization & emerging technological trends have made our lives easier. Advances in application solutions, communication technology, and other areas have transformed the world of project management over the last decade or so and things are changing at an even faster pace. Keeping up with the changes in time and market requirements, and to meet the high rising demands of customers, it is important for the PMO community to come out of the conventional mode to catch up on new developments.

3 Steps To Prevent Cyberthreats & Secure Your Company's Data

While data security has been an important topic since the internet’s inception, the issue is experiencing renewed prominence as platforms collect and struggle to secure copious amounts of personal information and prevent cyberthreats at the same time. The early 2000s were characterized by unprecedented growth and participation in the digital data economy, but the 2010s saw the creeping consequences of this ecosystem.


5 Ways to Develop Trust with Your B2B Customers

People do business with people they like. That’s about the oldest known business strategy! And it still holds true today, particularly in B2B environments, although it may look a little different today than it did back when (quarterly business reviews over a Zoom call versus a two-martini lunch, for example). Just as any relationship takes time to build, developing a trust with your customers that feels almost like a friendship will take time as well.

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The Ultimate Offshore Call Center Guide (2021)

Offshoring your customer service to a call center is a great way to improve your customer experience at an affordable rate. However, you should only select an offshore call center after careful consideration. Your customers may be unsatisfied and could leave you if the service your offshore call center provides is poor. But how do you choose the right offshore call center? In this article, we’ll go over what an offshore call center is, and how to choose an offshore call center.


Introducing Universal Reporting: See all your organization's work from every angle

Today’s senior leaders have a visibility problem. Within your organization, you likely oversee many projects across many teams, balancing details and budgets competing for your attention. If you pause for a moment, do you know exactly the state of your organization’s work at any given time?


4 Common Workplace Conflicts (And How To Deal)

In an ideal world, your team would work harmoniously. They’d celebrate each other’s wins, support each other’s growth, and enjoy spending time together (whether in-person or virtually) off the clock. Snap your fingers in front of your own face, because here’s the truth: That’s not reality. Nearly every team experiences disagreements, with 85% of employees at all levels reporting that they deal with conflict to some degree.

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Nearshoring vs Offshoring: Ultimate Guide (2021)

Globalization has opened up new avenues for businesses to shift some of their operations to a different country. You can nearshore to a nearby country or consider relocating to a far-off one with offshoring. But what are the differences between nearshoring vs offshoring? In this article, we’ll make a comprehensive comparison between both models. We’ll then explore the pros and cons of both nearshoring and offshoring.

What is Courier | 30 Second Pitch | CodeStory S4E13 | Troy Goode | Notifications | multi-channel

Courier is the fastest way to design your notifications once and deliver them through push notifications, direct messages like Slack and Facebook Messenger, SMS, and email–with a single Courier API rather than having to integrate each provider API separately.

The Need For Workflow Automation In Your Business

Bill Gates was quoted saying, “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.” Workflow automation is one of the finest methods deployed to succeed in business. It is considered the ultimate alternative to traditional inefficient and time-consuming business processes. The objective of a business is to reduce operational costs while ROI increases.


CX Statistics Your Business Needs to Know in 2021

With so many brands and competitors out there, customers have an extremely high expectation for your customer service and care. Having a great customer experience (CX) team helps with client satisfaction, retention, and referral. All three of these are at the bottom of the marketing funnel and are key to growing your business. To truly understand your customers’ expectations, you must diligently study your CX and pain points.